Saturday, November 19, 2005


Yesterday i did an easy ride on the Bugline out to Menomonee Falls and back. This morning was a fun ride on the Menomonee River trails. Jim G was the fearless leader on our "tour of the West side". While Russell made sure no one took a wrong turn and ended up in the 'hood, Jeremey and i rode our fixies and survived with only a few close calls. Jerry, Lori, Kevin and Singlespeed Amy were also in attendance along with the Old man who was ripping up the bmx section. Good flowing singletrack that literally runs right along the river and with some good dips, gulches, logs and roots to keep you on your toes. Later on, the thaw really greased things up making the terrain more challenging and more track-skid negotiable. After a few hours everyone got their fill, so then it was off to Qudoba, of course. Thanks again to Jim and Russ for showing us around.

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RonSta said...

Oh yeah, i forgot to mention Sug was there too, sorry Sug.