Saturday, November 12, 2005


Rolled out at 7:30 this morning and ran into Littmann in town. YES, Jeff is actually out riding already after being released from ICU what, a few weeks ago? I rode with him for about half hour or so, real easy, before splitting off. It's great to see he's recovering well and should be back up to speed by spring. Then i hooked up with the Doc ride. It was a small group and most of them were tri-riders. Me and this dude Charlie pedaled off the front and ended up pounding nails, outta sight the whole ride. Got like 4 hours in, felt good. Then off to BMX. This seasons track is fast and mellow. I surprised myself and made both mains fairly easily, but my luck ran out there. A bad gate in open and sketchin' out in a turn in class left me coasting in with 2 DFL's, bummer. Hit it again tomorrow i guess. Out.

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