Sunday, November 20, 2005


yee-ha! :madcross Posted by Picasa
I was on the fence about going today. Not sure if i felt like driving or paying $20 to kill myself for an hour. But hey, it was a nice gray November sunday during gun season, so what the he11 else was i going to do? Last chance to race cross this year and the course at Angell Park Speedway totally rocked. I gunned it on the start and was in about 6th on the first lap. Then i pretty much popped and drifted back into noman's land. Oh yeah, 'cross is like, hard, and i haven't ridden hard in a few weeks. I worked together with Dag Selander most of the race but we were going backwards the whole time. The last lap the leaders caught me and i was kind of relieved to not have to do another circuit. Ended up 12th ,a whole 2 spots up from DFL! B.Matter won it, Jesse 2nd and Mark took 5th, NICE! Despite my result i still had a blast and it got me off the couch. Look forward to hitting more next year.

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creepyfriendly said...

Let those BMX skills shine! Nice pic.