Tuesday, December 06, 2005


If pictures are worth a thousand words than i won't have to type so much.

The Boy on Sunday

Tell which is the culprit?

The couch diet.

Not happenin, but 4Sale-4Cheap!


mountaingoat said...

You should have some Pizza Rolls on that plate.

RonSta said...

Yeah, you'd love for me to fatten up wouldn't ya!

Jay said...

I would be doing sit ups until I pucked. Cool pic's see you soon.

mountaingoat said...

Mmmmm, doesn't donuts for breakfast sound good?

RonSta said...

Um, i prefer Jays advice, thanks.

Jim G said...

This was Mike and my typical post race recovery meal if you replace the Doo with a 12 pack and ate it in the Nazi staff car.