Wednesday, December 14, 2005

DAY 10

Today i was out of the boot and hobbling around, even shoveled some snow at work. When i got home the trainer was taunting me so i laced up the high-top Shimano shoes and put in an easy 40min to feel things out. The ankle's far from 100% but it felt good to loosen it up. Hoping around Christmas it'll be strong enough to go out and ride. Tbone and i were talkin' about hitting the Bugline on New Years, we'll have to see how deep the snow is by then. Looks like some craziness is going down over at Creepyfriendly that may warrant a trip out to the madcity this spring. That's farther away than i can think right now. I gotta get to bed.


tony said...

tried to trudge a little the other day, snow is a little too deep for bike tires.

Anonymous said...

Ronizzle-It's Wilstafa, youre standing right behind me working on a bike. Mackin' it. Ye son. Hope your ankle gets better. G&R forever!!!!