Monday, December 12, 2005


Been chillin'. Work, rest, sit-ups, work, work, rest. Today i could walk around a bit without the moonboot on. Maybe by next week i can start some light spinning.

(My) Winner of the week
Congrats to Nathan for turning Inter on Sunday. When i started racing you only needed 3 wins to move up, now you need 8. The Boys gettin' smooth and i'm sure he'll adapt quickly to the faster class.

Riders ready...

That's all for now, gotta get back to chillin'.


Jay said...

He is doing good he just has to get a little quicker. He is on the heels of the expert guys already. He won't be winning right away but he will be throwing some elbows with them. He will do fine. Thanks Ron

Russell said...

He might be quicker if he had some trailer-trash numbers like the guy next to him.

Jay said...

Now you have the 6 pack and when on the bike again you will be fresh and ready to fly. Now you can ride with us and not drop us all.