Saturday, December 31, 2005


Wauwatosa/Downtown/Lakefront/Shorewood/River Hills/Mequon/Theinsville/Extreme Ski & Bike/Somewhere/Meno Falls/Lannon/Hillzilla/Somewhere else/Somehow back to Tosa. 50+ mi, 4some hrs? Fellow bloggers Russell, MG, DIHAF and a pretty diverse arsenal- roadies, mtbs, SSs, cx and even a fixe. 1 hellafun New Years Eve ride. Thanks Russ.


Anonymous said...

Help, where is The LC. In our parts that is the low country, but I see snow on that roof, now way you're in our part of "The LC." Though we have a wonderful blue law regarding Alcohol sales, only it is prohibited on Sundays. LM

bubba said...

I believe LC means Lake Country. However if you are refering to the picture, then it means Loser Central.

RonSta said...

If i gave sporks away, Bubba would've earned one. I'll have to come up with somethimg less rare to give away.