Sunday, December 31, 2006


It was cold, wet and windy, but the PBR never tasted better.
Thanks Russell.

Saturday, December 30, 2006


Today i overslept and had to ride with the B group. Tomorrow is the last day of the year so don't get caught slackin'! Rusty Tool Shed @ 9:30a. Unless of course you are a B rider, and not that there's anything wrong with that..

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


How it is.

Badger kart track

Rock River

Friday, December 22, 2006


I started my Christmas shopping early this year- today. This awards me an extra day and a half to pick up any slack i might've forgotten about. No one i know really needs anything and neither do i. But i know i'll get bombarded with a bunch of crap i don't need so its just customary to counter the act. I started my quest high-rollin at GWI's. Yes, shopping here falls well below regifting on the status of gift-giving etiquette. Yet its a good place to find weird stuff like wacky old vinyl and quirky books for unique people. Next i stepped it up to the Dollar Store. All the good Christmas crap was already picked over but the customers and staff didn't look too bad so i took my time and browsed the store for awhile. Somehow managed to drop almost 10 bucks there. After that i hit Walmart. This is where i usually top out. Purchased some more mainstream gifts for normal people i know. I'm not a Walmart hater but i'll admit the clientele is typically, well, less desirable. Tonight was a different story though, so i made a few extra rounds just to be thorough. After pleasantly stocking up on random crap i figured i'd try my luck at the Target across the street. Generally too rich for my blood, this is where all the beautiful people go. I didn't need anything but they did have a Starbucks inside and i got $10 gift card from Hayes corporate so i figured what the hell. I got myself a mocha frappacino and wandered around the store enjoying the scenery. Yup, Target didn't disappoint. But as i figured i didn't find anything i needed or anyone else would want. So when i finished my drink i left. Now i got a bunch of crap to rap. But a nice day and a half to do it. Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Ive retired my last derailleur.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Friday, December 01, 2006

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


You want epic? Send this guy some love.

Saturday, November 25, 2006


Its been a kickass Thanksgiving weekend so far. Bitchin weather, good eatin and kickin rides with cool people on killer trails. Wednesday night, the Nighs showed us around their local trails in West Bend, pretty good stuff! CK's crankarm fell off, Lirette showed up late, Brittany disappeared early to find them, Lori showed off her mad skeells on a sketchy-steep leaf covered downhill while Bill gave us the rest of the tour. Gotta thank Bill and Brittany for the great post ride dinner and hospitality. Thursday morning went for a nice roadie with G, Katie and Chad-dizzle. Chadley overdressed and blew chunks but none of us lost our appetites over it. Afterwards, good eatins with family. That night, Turkey Hurl. See here for the rundown. Russell, Bubba, Sugs, Tavela, Marty, and a slew of other locals hittin up the trails between 'stAllis and Tosa. Thanks Marty for hosting and the beer. Friday ran errands, moved stuff and got a short ride in at LP. Today! Made it out to the MKE river trails for the first time. Bender gave us the full speed tour which was a blast. Him, MG, CK, Stringbean, Sugs, Squirt, Girl, and SS Amy all attended. Ran into D36 and Cale in the bowl section. Small world. Think im gonna mellow out and kick it solo tomorrow. Short sleeves at the end of November?! Im thankful.


Monday, November 20, 2006

Sunday, November 19, 2006


Wisconsin State Cyclocross Championships in Sun Prairie. After a week of work, eating out and not riding in the beautiful state of Montana, i didn't know what to expect. Big field, got sucked along midpack on the start to feel things out for the first lap. Turned it up on the second lap and worked through a few riders early on. Spent most of the race solo'd out and chasing Chris Strout. Wicked fast course with something for everyone. Pulling wheelies through the already deafening beer shed amped the crowd up even more. Caught a couple riders on the last lap. Got within a few seconds of Strout but could never close the deal. Rolled a 13th in a stacked field- can't complain. Cross is to much fun to take seriously. Thanks to all the Superfans who kept me smilin' through the pain.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Monday, November 13, 2006

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Cold, sun, snow and mud. Great cross weather. Perfect singlespeed cross weather. Decent start in the middle somewhere. Cranked my seat back on a harsh second lap remount and just dealt with it. Good race with Mike P and Mountaingoat for a few laps before Mikey faded(?). 42:20. Tight course with some good climbs. Choosing lines and keeping upright took precedence over shear power. Picked off or lapped one or two guys in the last 2 laps and held Jeremey off by a few seconds to finish 7th. Probably the funnest cross race out of the few ive done so far. Thanks to Neil and the Micheals Cycles crew for putting it on and all the screaming fans who hung around for our race. Afterwards i dunked my bike in the pond, hit up BK and headed over to the BMX track to watch Jay and The Boy rack up a string of 2nd places in their races. Nice. Time to go clean stuff.

Friday, November 10, 2006


Been to busy/lazy/out riding/out of town/no internet to post. Montana last week and again next week. 3rd at Iceman. Thanks to Jay for driving the long hours. Quality riding while i'm home. Yeah things might get busier around here. Wanna get nuts? 2 cross races left- i'm in.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sunday, October 22, 2006


The guys at Big Ring Racing know how to throw a party, and with word of new singletrack added to the course i made it a point to hit this event again this year. Last year Creepy, Goat and i perfected the singlespeed trifecta at the inaugural Beechwood Blaster. This year it was all on me to keep the SS winning tradition alive. Shotgun start, moved into the lead shortly after the prologue through the field and never looked back. Conditions were the same as last years race, but a persistent light rain made the 3rd & 4th laps more fun/challenging. The mile or so of new singletrack sections they added ROCK. Finished up in a little over 2hrs with Sam Wellskopf a couple minutes behind in 2nd and Lirette rounding out 3rd. Thanks to Kevin for the gloves. Thanks to Mike and the Big Ring crew for throwing a hellafun event. I drank plenty and ate too much and it don't get no betta than that!

Cross today. Do we have to go there? My re-debut to the 2s. Legs were flat as soon as we hit the mud and i was off the back after the first lap. Spent a couple more laps pondering my existence. Eventually saturdays effort started to clear out of my legs as i picked off some blown riders. Felt better as the race went on but ran out of laps. Had a good last lap race with this guy. Finished around 10th. Looks like i won't have to worry about cross until after Iceman now, but i'll be back.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Monday, October 09, 2006


The big WORS blowout finale. Took it easy on the start and quickly found myself in mid-pack stop-and-go traffic in the first singletrack. Chilled in a freightrain of riders for the first lap and learned some of the nuances of this years course. 2nd lap rolled with Pacholski and Fowler. Going into lap 3- rookie mistake. Spaced out for a second turning off the road into the new singletrack, ran into Dallas' rear wheel and earned myself some roadrash. Got back rolling again and much to my surprise no one was behind. Bender reeled me in as i was getting my flow back. Last lap, i tried to shake Tom as we ripped through blown riders. Blocking out the cramps, the legs could only do so much. He put the hammer down after the equalizer. I chased but couldn't match. Good race dude! 15th. Despite the chaos its actually my best finish there, thanks to the Mr. Bigg! Tbone took 5th in age and 20th-something overall. Nathan did a good job almost finishing in the money again. Lirette and Russell maintained their year long dominance in their categories. Big thanks to the Hayes team and all the screaming fans stayed around.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Took the San Josie down the Bugline tonight. It was full on dark as i made my way back through Sussex. Guess it's that time of year again. Blazin' rail trail behind the HID. I do look forward to hitting some of the Tosa crews night rides this Fall. Don't forget about the night race champs next Friday the 13th at CR. I know the Tool Sheds been putting together some mighty fine shwag for it. I've also fattened up my sidebar so when your bored with my sh!t scroll around over there. >>>

Sunday, October 01, 2006


4 hours sleep, poptarts, starbucks, an hour later on i'm on the west side of Madison. My license says i'm a 4, they let me uprade to 3's, if i do well or feel up to it i can move up to 2's afterwards. Racetime: Peg the holeshot with Masterson on my wheel and we quickly open a gap. 2 laps in Casey fades and i solo off. Learning the flow of the course on a cross bike becomes my cruise control. Thanks to Russell for spot on handups. Satisfied with tired legs, 40 bucks and a beer mug, i'll upgrade the next race. Out.


10 years ago this was the first mountainbike race i ever did. I think i finished like 20th in the 10 miler. The event was huge back then. Fast forward today. While not as big as it use to be, you never know who'll show to make for an interesting race, er, i mean, "timed event". Swanson leads out the start with Nathan, Jesse and myself in tow. A mile in i back down to my own pace allowing local homeboy Matt Racine to rip past and bridge up to the leaders. A couple miles in Nathans blown and fades back. Half way through the first lap Tristan decides to make his appearance as he works through Kevin Klug and myself. I stayed on it keeping Tristan in sight. 2nd lap he backs off and decides to tag my wheel instead of chasing the lead down. I tried to stay on it as i knew Nathan was only about 30sec back. I know Tristan could've drilled it at anytime but never challenged. It was nice to have someone to ride with and push me a little through the race though. So thats how we finished out- Doug, Jesse, Matt, Me, Tristan, Nathan and Kevin K. Hows that for a blogroll? Tbone rolled a 6th in the 20 and then bought me a buritto, so it was a good day.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Monday, September 25, 2006


Tbone and i trucked up to the middle of the state on a clear and cool sunday morning. Things warmed up by race time and conditions were perfect. Don says GOOOO!, and we're off to a fast start. I felt surprisingly well and held my own in the top 15 after the start. A small group consisting of Neil, Nathan, Tim and myself formed as we all traded pulls around 10th place for a couple laps. My mistake of the day was taking a gel as we headed up the road over the bridge and losing contact with the group. I was hoping to catch back on as we hit some short climbs but it never happened. I spent most of the 3rd lap in nomans land just diggin' the flow of the course. Going into the 4th and final lap Ryan and CK caught me so i free rode off them. Ryan was looking strong and taking some huge pulls. We caught Timmy with a couple miles to go, i tried making some moves in the last few climbs but couldn't shake the guys. I sat up and let Ryan pull through hoping to suck wheel to the finish but when Jeff initiated an early sprint up the gravel road i knew my race was done. With no one behind me, i just chilled out and rolled in, 13th. Solid for me lately, and on a course i usually don't fair well on. Props to Nathan G who's been riding pretty well lately on his first top 10 of the year.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Decent start, felt good and stayed out of trouble. Yo-yo'd back and forth through some groups before finding my groove with some familiar faces. Spent most of the race with Marko, Lirette, Jackhammer and Bender. Firetower hill, Jack and Marko get away, Lirette and Bender chase and i hang on. We get reeled back in when we hit ski trail, i move to the front to set tempo. A couple miles in i look back and no ones there. Next, catch a rider who hammers Telemark rd. while i guiltily take a free ride and move up to catch Neil Swanson. Shortly after, i see the 2 mile marker. My legs are cooked and i know the chase group is after me. Up ahead i see Jack starting to fade so i just focus on him. I catch and pass him on the last steep climb but he catches me off guard and counters before we drop into the bowl. I tuck in and get a good run out off the last turn to chase him down but didn't have quite enough to get around him at the finish. 33rd and 3rd single. Lirette came in right behind for the Hayes triple shot. Have to thank my good friends Mike and Pat for letting me stay with them and cheering me on throughout the race.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Mr. Bigg is already prepped and set up for next week. First time hitting the 40 so i have zero expectations. Its no WORS race so i atleast have that going for me.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Stump Farm Saturday, Curly's Pub Saturday night, Kewaunee Sunday. Won both days and the series overall with Tbone. Rode some great trails and met some cool people throughout the weekend. Thanks to race directors Bill and Jonathan, and Al B. for a fun series.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Saturday: Started out with the time trial. 3/4 of the XC course, humid, foggy and greasy. Prerode a lap right before it started so i had an idea what i was in for. Rode ultra conservative to a dissapointing 8th place, about a minute out of 1st. Everyone i talked to stacked it atleast once and still went faster than me, so i guess that was the way to go. Still it was early and i wasn't to concerned.
Short track afternoon. 17min. +2 laps. Grassy course that went up and down a hill, over a rock and around a tree. Took it easy on the start and found myself in 2nd on the second lap. GC leader Sam Oftedal was off the front early. Rode with some guys for a few laps before breaking clean. Chased Sam for a couple laps but couldn't gain anything. A few minutes to go and Jan Rybar catches me. We go back and forth, last lap i attack hard on the climb and open a gap, he catches back up heading into the last corner and it's a sprint to the finish where i hang on for 2nd!

XC. Picked a second row starting spot since i was going to take the first lap easy and feel things out. Got stuck behind Cole on the first single track climb which let some riders get away and more bottle up behind. I continued to ride crappily in the singletrack decents and lose ground/positions, then make some back up on the climbs. Going into the second lap i caught stage race leader Sam O and rode with him along with Wellskopf, Pacholski and Shively. Halfway through the lap i crashed on some rocks and potato chipped my front wheel, allowing those guys to get away. Took it easy through the third lap to not worsen it. Caught Josh back and Jackhammer who had no rear brake. Final lap i felt good and gave'r hell. The wheel held up and i rolled in 18th. Guess i won't go to hard on my wheel builder tommorow:). Wasn't great but i'll take it. Goal for the weekend was top 20 and podium in the stage race, which i took 2nd overall in and netted some good coin for the weekend!

Props to Jay and The Boy on winning some Cups. Props to Russell getting beat up by kids, trees and stung by bees and still winning his race. Good job to Tbone and the Goat on some
solid 5ths this weekend. Thanks to Don for putting on a fun event. Thanks to Barb for the hand ups. Thanks to EVERYONE who hung out throughout the weekend and yelled(or screamed) words of encouragement at me. It helps a ton and i really do appreciate it.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Hit the Doc ride yesterday to see what all the hype is about. Late summer still brings in 60+ some riders and sitting in that group can be a pain. I's more comfortable at the front working tempo and hitting the sprints. The Baron was even there doing covert training and not looking to bad either. Rolled home with the Pewaukee crew and 70mi in by 10:30a. Then cleaned up, changed and headed to the opening of the BMX track at Crystal Ridge. Kenny, Randy, Jay and The Boy were all there. Rode the track for a couple hours and did some mock races for all the newbies and spectators. It felt good throwing the little bike around again. I was impressed with the turnout and think this will be a great deal to have near the city. Big thanks to John Mittelstadt and the whole Milwaukee BMX crew for getting this thing going.

This morning was early to rise once again as i met Nathan G at the Kettles at 7:30a. We decided to do a full system as a straight up race. Almost the whole ride we spent going back and forth attacking each other nonstop but never totally getting out of sight of one another. Nathans definitely got the trails dialed and i haven't gotten out there as much as i would like. Once we hit the Carlin trail he was able to gap me a bit in the last series of climbs and beat me back to the tralihead by a few seconds. It was definitely good riding with him as i've never pushed that hard on those trails. With that done its left me with the rest of the day to eat, nap, ride around town and sit in the park.

Gotta soak it in as next weekend begins a stretch of racing that'll go right into mid October, then there's cross, then BMX, then Christmas...

Monday, August 14, 2006


Watch for these beauties on MTV. If anyone still watches MTV?

Sunday, August 06, 2006


Consistently inconsistent? I could give you a number of excuses but i won't. I just flat out wasn't feeling it and rode horribly this weekend. Thanks to my parents for the dinner, support and pimped out camping. Thanks to Tbone (2nd in comp AG!) for the ride up. Thanks to Doug Pietz for pushin' me all race. Thanks to everyone on course who was pullin for me. In a race i felt like pulling out of, it definitely gave me the incentive to grind out each lap.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Alright, by now you've read everyone else's take on the race so i'll spare the details. The morning was damp, the afternoon was hot and the evening was humid. Jerry rode steady and solid all day and night. I kicked the first few laps with another SS'r, then settled down once we had a gap. Course was super smooth by mid day. 4 night laps are twice as much fun as 2! Gained a lap on the field around 2am. Final night lap out started with lightning in the distance and finished just as the rain started hitting the transition tent, sending Jerry out into the abyss. Got back to camp and all hell broke loose. Word came around the race was stopped, then restarted. Jerry eventually came in and it was my turn to get wet. Ground through the lap, caught G on the wood chip section and we rode together to Red Bud rd. where we were stopped and told the race was officially called. Bummer. We won but i think everyone wanted to see the race go to the finish.

Huge thanks to Jerry's wife Barb for all the support- cooking, hydration, time management, encouragement and communication between Jerry and myself. And also Kevin Plato for mechanical support- kept my ride smooth and tight and even changed my gear for the foul weather lap that didn't count anyway. These guys were awesome and a huge contribution to our success. Thanks also to everyone who cheered us on on course or in the tent, i may have seemed out of it late in the race but it meant alot.

Shout outs: Jerry, thanks for a great race. Jesse, Marko, Brian, AJ, defending home turf. Jeremey, Mike, John and Bos, great job too. Lori, SS Amy, MK, and Patti, 2nd in the ladies class. G and Fang taking 4th in the duo. Scoletrain fought back to a top ten after a rough start in the solo championships. Don and Lirettes team rocked the old guys class.

Stuff: 34:17, MM Cycles, Hayes Brakes, Sun Rims, Reba fork, Niterider lights- flawless.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Phillips- tough race, fun weekend. Shelled on the start, 32:18 had me pinned most of the race, shoulda went bigger. Spent the first 4 laps on the rev limiter, sucking wheel with Wellskopf, Bender and Klug, picking off riders. Last lap the Hammer Gel and gear finally came around and i was able to break off and solo in to the finish. Not great but not dismal.

Saturday- Chicken/Bacon/Ranch wraps, 4hr drive "This car does have a fuel light!", sunset preride, kick ass Northwoods minigolf w/Tbone, Lirette, Kevin, Lori, Bender, CK, and the Nigh's(thanks for the great camping and hand ups!), High Life & spaghetti, Guatamalans trying to sell my bike for $38, good times.

On the 24/9 front, Jerry Daanen and i will be kickin' it duo style for Hayes this year. I anticipate it to be the hardest race i've yet to do, so it should be fun. My new light came in yesterday. Its all my budget would allow but its good. Other than throwing down with the Clif Bar Comp leader and a bunch of tired Superweakers tonight, it should be a pretty chill week leading up to the weekend.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


24/9 prep. Comfort courtesy of Rachael. Raced tonight and won- no complaints. Get your squish on here.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Sunday, July 16, 2006


Alterra. Crystal Ridge. Franklin. Humid. Hot. Alpha Trail. Craters. Classic.
Pegged the start wednesday nite style, 4th wheel over the hill and hang on. Settled in 8-10th when it all sorted out in lap one. Phillips and AJ checked out early. Rode the first 2 laps in a tight group of 6-7 with B.Matter, Lenss, Maciej, Jackhammer, Marko and Jesse. Some guys faded some advanced. 3rd lap i started to feel the heat. Dropped off abit and rode with Maciej. Gapped him on the last two climbs, then Drankus caught me in the last lap. I pulled through the lower section, he recovered after the craters climb. I countered on the grassy climb, rode out the downhill then gassed everything left up the finish hill for a solid 7th. Home course advantage? I'll take what i can get. Actually locals fared quite well. Props to Mike P on the big W! Lori pulled a 3rd, Goat 16th, Lirette 2nd in comp and Tbone did alright too. Big thanks to Nichole for the icy cool handups. Thanks also to Russell and the whole Hayes team, the Bubba clan, Brittany, Randy and anyone else who threw water at me. Sorry if i missed anyone, i'm spent.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


After an epic past weekend, my passion for this sport has never been stronger. A midseason second wind? Maybe my forms just coming together (yeah right). Monday i built a wheel for some half-pro. Tuesday i barbequed in the rain. Wednesday i raced. Thursday i hit the buff singletrack of the Southern Kettles for the first time in a month. Tonight i prepped Mr. Bigg, then rode an easy 40 with young Katie well into the dark. Tomorrow Scott gets hitched. Sunday- Sunday oughtta be a hot one, so bring some popsicles. photo:Torgler