Sunday, January 15, 2006


Found On Road Dead.

Or in this case, a parking lot. F-250? Dang, must've been a rough spot to drive out of. I'm entitled to take humor in this since i too own a fine autombile from this manufacturer. Just like i'm entitled to make Polock jokes and Chris Rock is entitled to use the N word. Swap was alright, didn't sell anything and didn't spend too much so i can't complain. It was good seeing everyone there. Big thanks to Russell for parking my stuff at his table. Today i rode solo. The SE wind was vicious. I mean, pedal yer a$$ off downhill to hit 16mph, vicious. A little underdressed in the morning but when the sun came out, all was right. Post ride was some leftover spaghetti, garlic toast, a couple slices of salami and an iced mocha. Over 4.5 hours to do 80 miles?! Told ya i was slow.

In case you haven't noticed, Bubba and mini-Bubba's bikes have been posted.

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Jay said...

Hey Ron, Where was Russell? I thought he was going to ride with you. A day like today I was thinking that it would have been a good day for a long rode ride, but the racing was fun. Catch you at a Sat ride one of these weekends.