Friday, January 27, 2006


I had a bunch of stuff to write about this week but forgot it all, so it couldn't have been that important. Last night Jay took a pretty hard digger at the track due to a faulty freewheel. Sounds like he might be down for a short while. If i know Jay, a little time off the bike will just make him comeback harder when he's ready to go.
Tonight i rode through a bunch of new subdivisions around here. It's like every new plot of McMansions tries to out-do the last. A few years ago $300k bought you a decent house out here, now that's what the "slums" go for. You're not mackin' unless you drop a mil+ in some of these areas. Crazy. My current favorite ride is the 1x1- 32:15 fixt/no brakes w/lites, fender and 2.35s. Slow=warm and the big tires allow me to blast through snow banks and explore the unknown whenever the urge arises. Hoping to break out the road bike tomorrow for a good day of riding then bmxican on Sunday. My fixed-road project is on hold until i find some time/$$$/ambition. Until then i got enough going on to keep it fresh.

Megatron's vintage Schwinn BMXer has been added.

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Mike said...

thanks man! i always need a new distraction at work.