Saturday, January 28, 2006


Saturday. Getting caught in a January downpour 15 miles in and cranking 20 miles home, checking out the racing swapmeet at State Fair Park, making a spur of the moment decision to go to the track, netting a win in a crazy Open main and snagging a 3rd in class with Jerry, Mountaingoat and Gage there to witness. Sunday, Jay raced on vicodin and took 5th, The Boy ran hard for 2nd, Russell showed up so i couldn't ride for sh!t, but atleast Jay and him were kind enough to push my truck out of the mud at the end of the day, d@mn Fords! Thanks guys. I know, i've been lazy, no need to rehash what others have already covered. Tonight i rode the snow covered LC trail, stopped at W&S, met Matt the new manager, had dinner at the parents, added some links. Same 'ol winter stuff.

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