Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Tonight Tbone and i squeaked out an hourandahalf ride from sunset to high moon. With opposing schedules its difficult to coordinate, especially weekdays, but the spring-like temps made for an inexcusable reason to get out. Bikeswap this weekend. I have 2 framesets and a 20" wheelset for sale. If anyone has a table i will gladly throw in a few bucks to display these items. Otherwise i'm just going to check it out and maybe pick up anything i might find appealing. Sunday, T and i are thinking of a 60+mi ride that winds down with a stop at the Picnic Basket in Nashotah. If anyone's interested i'll come up with details & stuff. Later

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Russell said...

Ronsta - I got a table at the swap. I'm also interested in a ride on Sunday.

Shoot me an email.