Friday, February 03, 2006


Lately BMX seems to be blowing up as fast as Blogger, or the other way around, or maybe ones feeding off the other. Whatever the deal, who cares, the more the merrier! For years there would be people i'd see in the summer and then different people i'd see in the winter. Now it's become a core group of friends who can keep in touch and race together year-round. Having more fun than ever and if you ain't in yet, we got plenty of room for ya. Out.


Jay said...

Word. Get yourself a bike and join the fun. It is the cheapest race bike that you will ever have to buy.

sug said...

Sweet! Who's bike/gear can I use on Thursday?

Jay said...

I'll bring 2 freestyle bmx helmets for those who don't want to use their road helmet. Come observe and maybe give it a try.