Sunday, February 26, 2006


Sh!t was jacked today. Everyone rode like they had something to prove. Dudes were hitting hard in practice! Despite that, i managed to find myself sliding into a turn on my head after sketchin' out, free and clear of anyone else. Thanks to the fullface my chops were not harmed. Open was nuts. Made the semi and got put on my a$$. Pulled solid gates all day. Somehow transfered out in the first go-around of a hellastacked expert class. The main: mediocre snap, bump the 2 guys next to me, hesitate and it's race over. Roll in for a crappy 6?th place. Thanks to Jay for helpin' me up when i got my bell rung in the AM.

Yesterday T and i fought frigid hellwind for the better part of 4 hours, but it was nice to ride in daylight for once.


Jay said...

No problem Ron. The tumble looked worse then what happened to you. How is the melon and the neck? Is there nice scab on the side of the neck? See you Thursday.

RonSta said...

Naw, just a stiff neck/back this morning.