Saturday, February 18, 2006


Ha-haaaaaa! 0 degrees and sweating. Must've dressed right. 8 of us laid tracks down on Hoyt park's singletrack today. Hi-lites include T-boning Bubba at full bore on the "Super G", clearing a few staircases on the fix, DIHAF asking if he has a flat, Jeremey egging on the Old Man to go faster, faster, until he dumped it. Plenty of carnage with plenty of snow to cushion the blows. Rollcall: Russell, TCXr, Mountaingoat, Bubba, DIHAF, Bdog and the Old Man Jerrod. Out.


tosacrosser said...

My second best ride of the year! Oh yeah, it was only my second ride of the year. How can you beat a full rack racing down a rutted frozen dirt road at 5 below and windy?

RonSta said...

Twas one to remember for sure.