Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Landlord's doing a property inspection tomorrow, so of course the whole building was a buzz of everyone throwing out crap and cramming their storage units. So am i on top of it? Hell no, but it's a good reason to clear out a bunch of stuff i had no idea i even collected. Must've pitched atleast a dozen used chains and a half dozen cassettes. WTF was i ever gonna do with this crap? And blown tubes? Gone & glad. Reorganized the bike lab and found a spare bedroom in the process. Reconize, thats the LCMTB blogging HQ on the right, where all this dandy magic is created for your entertainment. DIHAF got me hooked on the wmse stream. I flip between that and jjo Milwaukee. Tomorrow i have to pee in a cup before i can twist nipples.

Sunday, March 26, 2006


5.5 hours and a click over 100 miles. Just me, myself and the scenic terrain of Waukesha, Washington and western Dodge counties. Packed light and rode pretty much straight through. Sounds like Jay and The Boy had a good day at the BMX finale. Props. I'm tired now so that's all i've got.

Saturday, March 25, 2006


Good day. Started out with Tbone and i hitting the Doc ride. Good tempo with about 10 strong, not too slow but nothing crazy. Afterwards, we stopped in Wales to snack on some big @$$ cookies. He split home after that(must be nice to race comp) and i headed North for another 60some. Skies looked threatening here and there but i never got hit. Roads were wet as i got closer to home so i must've missed some rain. At 6.5 hours it was by far my longest ride of the year.

PR: Tried some new PI bibs greased up with the Assos creme and my taint was satisfied aaaaall day. More than you wanted to know but maybe useful none the less.

Friday, March 24, 2006


Riding was put on the backburner most of this week as i had to focus on career objectives. Today i outfitted the Lemond with a new cassette and chain and then broke it in for an hour and a half, first good ride this week. 12-26 is the widest casette i've had in awhile but heard it'll be good for the Rockies next week. Plan for the weekend is to hopefully log 200 some miles in the next 48 hours, that would be nice. Maybe incorporate the Doc ride in if anyone shows up. Yup, looks like more weekend base cramming.

Monday, March 20, 2006


Colorado can't come soon enough. The extended cold weather is growing tiresome and i have little motivation to ride in anything cooler than 40 degrees lately. Guess its payback for the pleasant fall and winter we had. Tuned up the Surly over the weekend, new chain, chainring, freewheel, tires, all ready for road trippin'. Yup, back to traditional SS mode, brakes and all. I've put off worring about the 29'r until after the trip. Its on my landslide of major crap that is probably going to come down right before the start of the season. But whats life without drama?

Sunday, March 19, 2006

BMX 3.19

BMX Breakfast

Jay in BS Race

28+ pack


The Boy takin' his line

BS Main

Buicks don't float

Photos work now. Sorry they're dark, they were shot in a barn after all. Today went down with Nate taken the big trophy home and Jay gettin' a third. My day was sort of better. Hammered into the mains only to get taken out by my good friend Hause in the last turn. Payback for a move i put on him earlier. We had a lot of good races over the years so it was alright. I know those 28+ guys are waiting to break me in so i'll have to see about next week. Tonight was Fiesta Cancun for big burritos and fried icecream with the family. Mmmmmm, thanks.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

BMX 3.18

For some reason Blogger isn't allowing me to load photos, so bear with me. Rundown: Nathan snagged a win in class and a 2nd in cruiser. Jay took 3rd in cruiser and 7th in the 28+ BS Open exhibition race, out of 20some fast "old" guys! Russell also scored a 3rd place plaque and the Buick got a tow outta the mud. No mains for me. Gotta hit it one more time today. Rock on.

Friday, March 17, 2006

BMX 3.17

Light turnout like i thought. The Boy dominated class and he and his dad also took thirds their cruiser classes. I was tired after work and felt like i was riding in daze. Made the main but got put over the second turn by Fat Joe. Yeah, i was that out of it. Fun part of the night was when Jay and i switched bikes in practice. I never really tried a cruiser before. They actually do sort of feel like a mtb, which felt even more precarious being on a BMX track. Granted Jay and i have different bike setups, i could probably get the hang of it pretty quickly. Alright, i'm way past tired. Ride something in the morning then race again tomorrow night. Later.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


%$#@ Snow!

And if anyone still cares...

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


E> monches> scenic> pleasant hill> hillside,dark,traffic> plainview,closed?> detour164,darker,more traffic> plainview2> VV> dorn> home:2hrs

Redline qualifier this weekend. Anyone who'd like to hit the track one more time or has had the slightest inclination of trying a race should come out Friday. 4pm. The friday night race is usually pretty low key with ample practice and thin races. Sat/Sunday gets nuts and is definitely worth checking out. I'm sure Jay'll have the hype & details. Out.

Sunday, March 12, 2006


Kenseth got screwed. NASCAR's rigged. Whenever i catch a race it ends in some green/ white/ checkered BS. Today was a simple route, west to Farmington, south to Whitewater and back up through the South Kettles. NE wind was like cruise control on the way out and down. Turning onto Bluff the 39t saw its share of labor in the headwind home. Legs felt good. Three 80 mile days in a row. Must be spring!

Saturday, March 11, 2006


My old friend Lactic Acid made its seasonal return today. Yup, i've been able to put off doing strenous efforts, in hope for a later peak, until today. But tis the time to start finding my limits and today was a genuine clash of the titans. Red versus Blue along with a little Orange in the mix and then myself having home course advantage. Frequent flats and stops made for some harsh interval sessions through the rolling terrain. Make no mistake, those Darcy guys can throw down! Bender w/the chops never missed an opp to attack either. By our second pass through i was hurtin' but i took pulls when ever i could to feel out what i really had left. As we decended through North Lake we were bombarded with pea-size hail and a brief shower, which helped seal my decision to split off in Monches. As soon as i headed south a couple miles it was dry and sunny. My legs were trashed so it was still a good ride. Thanks to MG for charting out a monster route. Made a pizza, took a nap, spun around town on the Surly then got some Mexican take-out. It's even warmer now then earlier today- 62?, and all this riding has really jacked up my appetite. Two 80+ mile days in a row! Hopefully the weather holds out to make it three. Later.

Friday, March 10, 2006


Work @ 6, bail at noon, ride for 4 1/2+. Tbone hung on for 3 before having to split for work. I hit up a Picnic Basket Italian sausage sub in his honor. Degrime the bike, catch a few zzz's, and hit it again in a few hours. Less work and more riding- need to hit this program more often.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Dance, Dance was stuck in my head today at work, which was good, helped make the day go by fast. Better than having some crap song like "my humps" or anything by Crosby Stills & Nash stuck up there. I ain't no d@mn hippy! Shaved my head again, chops are gone, for now. Grabbed/ordered a bunch of stuff from the shop tonight i need before the trip and for this year in general. This reminded me of a post Goat had awhile back. I admit i've second guest my gear(or tire) selection before a race or two, or have made last minute changes to adjust for weather conditions. In retrospect i doubt it would have changed the outcome of my results very much. This year i'm mounting one gear and one set of tires before i leave for a race and that's all i'm taking. No need to get geeked out and frazzled before the start or spend the entire race thinking "Uhhh, it'd be better if i'd done this". Just pedal hard and enjoy whats in front of you. Which leads to another point- preriding's overrated! Not really, but this year i plan on hitting most of the races "day of" just to have an extra day home to get stuff done and save some money. I've been to all the courses and have a decent feel for what works where. I could go on but i've wasted enough time tonight. Tomorrow it's early in/early out & hopefully ride. Later.

Monday, March 06, 2006


I'm in! Not sure how i'm going to swing it but i ain't missin' out. Come first week of April i'll be embedded with Team Wisconsin on their weeklong training camp. It'll actually be my first cycling foray outside the midwest. I should also be able to check out the new ride i'll be on this year. Hey Mitch, did i mention i can weld? Better start getting my sh!t together. Thanks to Jeremey, Mitch and The Baron for making accomodations. Rock N Roll!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Saturday, March 04, 2006


Rode today. Got lost around Germantown and kept ending up on busy roads that sucked. Should've checked a map before i left. Found my way back through Hartford. Snow cover kept the temps down and the wind chilled, making it hard to find motivation to dish out much effort. After 4 hours of wandering around my toes had enough. Another 2-3in tomorrow, MTB! Where's spring? Better get a towel, Jay's bikes have been posted. Tony G, you've been linked. Coop you're on my radar too.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


...do you want more?
Final gate session tonight and it looks like perfect indoor weather. Miss this and you suckas will have to to show up on raceday if you want to hit it. Me, i'm gonna hold out for the Redline weekend, 3/17-19. Yeah, 3 days of racing action and it'll be my last race in the 19-27x class. After that i'll have to shake up the old dudes class, 28+. Dang i'm getting old.