Monday, March 20, 2006


Colorado can't come soon enough. The extended cold weather is growing tiresome and i have little motivation to ride in anything cooler than 40 degrees lately. Guess its payback for the pleasant fall and winter we had. Tuned up the Surly over the weekend, new chain, chainring, freewheel, tires, all ready for road trippin'. Yup, back to traditional SS mode, brakes and all. I've put off worring about the 29'r until after the trip. Its on my landslide of major crap that is probably going to come down right before the start of the season. But whats life without drama?


Jay said...

28 and 1 day. Happy B-Day LOTW.

mountaingoat said...

Oh yeah, happy brithday old man.

Mitch Man said... yer old! With all that new crap your bike it will be the first to fall apart. It's a good thing the Baron will be there to fix it!