Thursday, March 09, 2006


Dance, Dance was stuck in my head today at work, which was good, helped make the day go by fast. Better than having some crap song like "my humps" or anything by Crosby Stills & Nash stuck up there. I ain't no d@mn hippy! Shaved my head again, chops are gone, for now. Grabbed/ordered a bunch of stuff from the shop tonight i need before the trip and for this year in general. This reminded me of a post Goat had awhile back. I admit i've second guest my gear(or tire) selection before a race or two, or have made last minute changes to adjust for weather conditions. In retrospect i doubt it would have changed the outcome of my results very much. This year i'm mounting one gear and one set of tires before i leave for a race and that's all i'm taking. No need to get geeked out and frazzled before the start or spend the entire race thinking "Uhhh, it'd be better if i'd done this". Just pedal hard and enjoy whats in front of you. Which leads to another point- preriding's overrated! Not really, but this year i plan on hitting most of the races "day of" just to have an extra day home to get stuff done and save some money. I've been to all the courses and have a decent feel for what works where. I could go on but i've wasted enough time tonight. Tomorrow it's early in/early out & hopefully ride. Later.


mountaingoat said...

You're right. I plan on doing the same thing for races. No pre-riding.

I'm still going to second guess myself though.

Jay said...


I have to go a day early for the kids to race or I would leave the day of for a few. As it looks there will be maybe 2 nights in a hotel the others will be at the cabin or bro's crib.

I'm going to put one gear on the SS and ride it for every race this year. Train on it and race on it. Done..

RonSta said...

Thats hardcore Jay. Props and good luck!

mountaingoat said...

I have six rings and five cogs I will be interchanging all year. Not hardcore. Maybe neurotic?

sug said...

MG, start'n ta sound like you needs a derailleur..or be slow like me!