Saturday, March 11, 2006


My old friend Lactic Acid made its seasonal return today. Yup, i've been able to put off doing strenous efforts, in hope for a later peak, until today. But tis the time to start finding my limits and today was a genuine clash of the titans. Red versus Blue along with a little Orange in the mix and then myself having home course advantage. Frequent flats and stops made for some harsh interval sessions through the rolling terrain. Make no mistake, those Darcy guys can throw down! Bender w/the chops never missed an opp to attack either. By our second pass through i was hurtin' but i took pulls when ever i could to feel out what i really had left. As we decended through North Lake we were bombarded with pea-size hail and a brief shower, which helped seal my decision to split off in Monches. As soon as i headed south a couple miles it was dry and sunny. My legs were trashed so it was still a good ride. Thanks to MG for charting out a monster route. Made a pizza, took a nap, spun around town on the Surly then got some Mexican take-out. It's even warmer now then earlier today- 62?, and all this riding has really jacked up my appetite. Two 80+ mile days in a row! Hopefully the weather holds out to make it three. Later.


mike said...

Thanks for the tour of the home turf. And nice pull at the end. Well...I should mean your end - little did anyone know that you were soon turning off after ripping our legs off for that last mile.

RonSta said...

I was pretty shot the last part of the ride, but i can bluff better than Jeremey. Shoot me your email and i'll fwd the pics.

mountaingoat said...

I don't bluff when I'm done. I was able to pull a little more out of the hat though after you left.