Tuesday, April 04, 2006


AM: LaSal Mountain Loop (Road)
65 miles, 20+ climbing, 4500 vertical feet to 8500' elevation, 4+ hours

Craziest stuff i've ever ridden, 2-2.5 hours of solid relentless climbing. Mind bending false flats, you could swear you were going down hill but the resistance on the pedals and Mitch's altimeter showed the opposite. Rewards were the amazing views along the way and eventually the long but quick decent from the mountain back into the desert. Sick decents. 40+ into hairpin turns, grab the brakes and lean hard. Releasing the brakes is like pegging the throttle on a super bike, really frickin' cool.

PM: Slickrock
Slickrock is the mother F'n bomb! Don't let anyone tell you different! Mitch, Goat and i hit it for a couple hours before sunset, loved every minute of it!



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