Wednesday, May 24, 2006


If you haven't heard by now, our good friend Jay Labecki severely injured his hand last night while closing a gate at the Kenosha Velodrome. He may be off the bike for now, but Jay's a tough SOB who i'm sure will be back racin' sooner than later. Still i'm sure it wouldn't hurt to drop by his site and leave some words of encouragement. Get well soon Jay!

Crystal Ridge: First race and some new faces. With Carlos Haeckel and Nathan G in attendance i knew it would be some good racin'. Got the holeshot off the start like usual. Heading into the field a Hayes rider took the lead and i sat on his wheel with Carlos chomping at the bit to get by. Once in the singletrack the dude started getting worked over and bouncing off of trees before laying it down in front of me, allowing Carlos to get by. I chased back up to Carlos which opened up a gap for us. The next 2 1/2 laps we traded pulls and played the attack counter-attack game. I was a little smoother through the singletrack but he had a little more on the climbs. On the last lap he attacked on the craters climb and opened up a slight gap. I packed it in for the finishing climb but wasn't quite close enough to make it up. So Carlos won, i got 2nd, Nathan G was a few seconds back in 3rd, James Lalonde pulled in 4th and Ironman Michael rounded out the top 5.

Yeah, its just local racin', but its good seeing everyone back at the ol' landfill again.


Mike said...

See ya next week!

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RonSta said...

Maybe in 2 weeks Mike.