Monday, June 26, 2006


Thanks to Al along with Cooop and Skid for puttin' on a fun event. Thanks to Dave for some great photos. Thanks to Russell for the PBR's. Thanks to Tbone for not making me do another lap. Thanks to Lori for the plush Ritchey grips and not holding me up on the climbs while on her way to a 3hr win. Props to The Boy and Travis for taking 3rd. Props to Jesse on his comeback. Good to see MG, JL, G, CK, Captain & MTB Girl and Kevin & Amy racing and/or hanging out through out the day. Name drop'n: Mitch Man / Hayes / Sun / Wheel & Sprocket !!! Don't forget, Ronsta Ride on the 9th!

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Thats right, i'm hosting a ride. Sunday July 9th. 80+ mile leisurely tour of the LC/Kettle Moraine area. We'll roll outta here promptly at 8am and endulge in some fine Mexican cuisine upon our return. If your reading this you're invited.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


After i crashed about seven times in the first couple laps, thats pretty much what i did. While i felt good, i couldn't ride singletrack to save my life today. So i chilled out in the middle of the race but the shortened laps ticked by fast. By the final lap i was confident enough to let 'er rip and made up a few spots but it was too little too late. Rolled in with a mediocre 15th out of a thin field. So far its shaping up to be that kind of year again, or maybe its just time to shave the chops.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


If i've been difficult to contact, don't take it personally. Lately its been up at 6, work at 7-7:30, get home at 5, ride till dark, eat, bed by 11:30. I've acquired stacks of dishes, laundry and mail i should probably tend to. Must be summer again. Last night i hit Crystal Ridge, packed some fresh legs and outran Carlos to take my first (solo) win on the Mr. Bigg. The BMX track is coming along quickly and should be ready to ride in a few weeks. Sweet. If i had more i'd give you more, but now its getting to be bedtime. G'nite.

Monday, June 12, 2006


Another round of WEMS action went down this past weekend. Tbone and i once again took on the 6 Hr. Duo class. I started. Got the holeshot. As soon as i hopped on my bike i knew i was undergeared. Marko grabbed my wheel and we quickly broke away from the main group. I found a comfortable pace and held it as i was too spun to attack and unsure of what Mark had in reserve. Lead out most of the first lap with him taking over for the last few miles. Coming in together, we knew it was up to our teammates to duke it out. Tbone was able to consistently put a couple minutes a lap on his counterpart John. I changed up to a 34:17 for my second lap and held steady against Mark the rest of the day. Coming in from our 7th lap i was unsure if we'd get another in but T was dressed, i wasn't sure if the other guys had made up enough ground so i sent him out. As it got closer to 7 i was pretty sure he wasn't gonna make it, but lo and behold, he came rippin' in to nail our 8th lap with some 40 seconds to spare. Rockin!

Good job to Bubba, Russell, Megatron and The Boy for taking 5th in the team division, Butch for winning the 12 solo and Andrew I. taking 2nd! Big thanks to Kenny for putting on another fun, well organized event. Always one of my favorites.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Friday, June 09, 2006


Atleast no shots were fired, that was over lunch.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


...except for that last sprint, but it'll flush out.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


When Billy O. announced we were taking Monches to St. Augustine, i just smiled...

Monday, June 05, 2006


With blistered hands, i'm thinking local throwdown tomorrow, Doc ride on wednesday and possibly a special guest Beatdown appearance on thursday. Out.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Wausau's never been good to me, and this year would prove to be no exception. I sat back on the start and took it easy on the first lap knowing it would be a long grueling race. Second lap i still didn't feel too hot but settled into a steady pace with a couple other riders. Third lap started to feel better, hooked up with an IS Corp rider and we started working our way up through groups of other riders. By the fourth lap i was on. Caught Jeff Melcher and was riding with him when my 9-Mile luck would finally catch up with me. Somehow while climbing up the Ho Chi Min trail i flatted. The first CO2 malfunctioned, the second barely inflated enough to gingerly nurse it back to the finish. Meanwhile losing everything i gained, but i guess a DFL is better than a DNF. Thanks to everyone who hung out and cheered me on today. Thanks to Tbone for the ride up and to his parents Frank & Jackie for hosting us with a great spaghetti dinner at their fine establishment in Sugar Camp saturday night. A little WEMS action next week than up to Kewaunee. I like Kewaunee.

Friday, June 02, 2006


Today i finally got my a$$ up early enough to ride into work. The trip through Waukesha Co is pretty smooth, but once you cross 124th and hit the Norf Side the roads go to hell. It was bob, jump and weave around around cracks, potholes, uneven pavement and crazy drivers(see DIHAF on this). It wasn't a matter of if i'd flat, but how close to work i would get before my luck ran out. Made it to 76th when i hit a crack that decided to slice my 23c rear and relieve its pressure. Tubes- check, levers- check, CO2's- check, inflater- DAMN! at home. Only a mile from work at that point so i limped it in and still punched in on time. The ride home was pleasant and trouble free.

Rode Lapham with my dad tonight. He has one of my old bikes pictured above. '94 Trek 9200. Everythings been upgraded but i still have the original parts, just incase we want to get nostalgic with it. Its old but he likes the way it rides.

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