Monday, June 12, 2006


Another round of WEMS action went down this past weekend. Tbone and i once again took on the 6 Hr. Duo class. I started. Got the holeshot. As soon as i hopped on my bike i knew i was undergeared. Marko grabbed my wheel and we quickly broke away from the main group. I found a comfortable pace and held it as i was too spun to attack and unsure of what Mark had in reserve. Lead out most of the first lap with him taking over for the last few miles. Coming in together, we knew it was up to our teammates to duke it out. Tbone was able to consistently put a couple minutes a lap on his counterpart John. I changed up to a 34:17 for my second lap and held steady against Mark the rest of the day. Coming in from our 7th lap i was unsure if we'd get another in but T was dressed, i wasn't sure if the other guys had made up enough ground so i sent him out. As it got closer to 7 i was pretty sure he wasn't gonna make it, but lo and behold, he came rippin' in to nail our 8th lap with some 40 seconds to spare. Rockin!

Good job to Bubba, Russell, Megatron and The Boy for taking 5th in the team division, Butch for winning the 12 solo and Andrew I. taking 2nd! Big thanks to Kenny for putting on another fun, well organized event. Always one of my favorites.

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