Friday, June 02, 2006


Today i finally got my a$$ up early enough to ride into work. The trip through Waukesha Co is pretty smooth, but once you cross 124th and hit the Norf Side the roads go to hell. It was bob, jump and weave around around cracks, potholes, uneven pavement and crazy drivers(see DIHAF on this). It wasn't a matter of if i'd flat, but how close to work i would get before my luck ran out. Made it to 76th when i hit a crack that decided to slice my 23c rear and relieve its pressure. Tubes- check, levers- check, CO2's- check, inflater- DAMN! at home. Only a mile from work at that point so i limped it in and still punched in on time. The ride home was pleasant and trouble free.

Rode Lapham with my dad tonight. He has one of my old bikes pictured above. '94 Trek 9200. Everythings been upgraded but i still have the original parts, just incase we want to get nostalgic with it. Its old but he likes the way it rides.

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Mike said...

didn't that bike have some weird rubber bumper instead of a shock? I suppose you upgraded that.

Jim G said...

I think it is unfair to call those North side drivers crazy. Perhaps more accurate would be: homicidal, drunk,or distracted by the beats.

There could also be some extenuating circumstances: hoopty won't go straight, seat so low can't see out the window, difficult to light a crack pipe and get down-get down whilst driving, Could only afford 27's fo the front-- navigating by constellations and the bust stop roofs, too biddy bustin' caps out the driver's side to be payin' attention to no cracker on a bike.

RonSta said...

Jim- word.

Mike- The year before had the goofy rubber spring. Mine came with Risse air shock and Mag 21 fork. Rode like crap but it was all i knew back then.