Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Phillips- tough race, fun weekend. Shelled on the start, 32:18 had me pinned most of the race, shoulda went bigger. Spent the first 4 laps on the rev limiter, sucking wheel with Wellskopf, Bender and Klug, picking off riders. Last lap the Hammer Gel and gear finally came around and i was able to break off and solo in to the finish. Not great but not dismal.

Saturday- Chicken/Bacon/Ranch wraps, 4hr drive "This car does have a fuel light!", sunset preride, kick ass Northwoods minigolf w/Tbone, Lirette, Kevin, Lori, Bender, CK, and the Nigh's(thanks for the great camping and hand ups!), High Life & spaghetti, Guatamalans trying to sell my bike for $38, good times.

On the 24/9 front, Jerry Daanen and i will be kickin' it duo style for Hayes this year. I anticipate it to be the hardest race i've yet to do, so it should be fun. My new light came in yesterday. Its all my budget would allow but its good. Other than throwing down with the Clif Bar Comp leader and a bunch of tired Superweakers tonight, it should be a pretty chill week leading up to the weekend.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


24/9 prep. Comfort courtesy of Rachael. Raced tonight and won- no complaints. Get your squish on here.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Sunday, July 16, 2006


Alterra. Crystal Ridge. Franklin. Humid. Hot. Alpha Trail. Craters. Classic.
Pegged the start wednesday nite style, 4th wheel over the hill and hang on. Settled in 8-10th when it all sorted out in lap one. Phillips and AJ checked out early. Rode the first 2 laps in a tight group of 6-7 with B.Matter, Lenss, Maciej, Jackhammer, Marko and Jesse. Some guys faded some advanced. 3rd lap i started to feel the heat. Dropped off abit and rode with Maciej. Gapped him on the last two climbs, then Drankus caught me in the last lap. I pulled through the lower section, he recovered after the craters climb. I countered on the grassy climb, rode out the downhill then gassed everything left up the finish hill for a solid 7th. Home course advantage? I'll take what i can get. Actually locals fared quite well. Props to Mike P on the big W! Lori pulled a 3rd, Goat 16th, Lirette 2nd in comp and Tbone did alright too. Big thanks to Nichole for the icy cool handups. Thanks also to Russell and the whole Hayes team, the Bubba clan, Brittany, Randy and anyone else who threw water at me. Sorry if i missed anyone, i'm spent.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


After an epic past weekend, my passion for this sport has never been stronger. A midseason second wind? Maybe my forms just coming together (yeah right). Monday i built a wheel for some half-pro. Tuesday i barbequed in the rain. Wednesday i raced. Thursday i hit the buff singletrack of the Southern Kettles for the first time in a month. Tonight i prepped Mr. Bigg, then rode an easy 40 with young Katie well into the dark. Tomorrow Scott gets hitched. Sunday- Sunday oughtta be a hot one, so bring some popsicles. photo:Torgler

Sunday, July 09, 2006



Wisconsin State Single Speed Championships at Bluemounds. One of the toughest and funnest races i did this year. 6th on the bike and off to a fast downhill start. Dangled off the back of the top 5 for the first couple miles than backed off to a conservative pace. Struggled to get the hang of the treacherous singletrack. Got caught by Klug and Harlan, rode briefly with them. Stopped and let some air out of my front tire to ease navigation through the rocks. Recovered and rode away from them. Time checks had the top 5 a few minutes up. 2nd lap felt good and i tried to push it bit more. Passed a Darcy rider with a flat, then Goat with a flat, which was a bummer since he was riding pretty well. With only the Lalonde bros and Mike P well ahead i just tried keeping it consistent and rolled in with a satisfying 4th place. Props to Murphykate and Amy for duking it out for 4 some hours in the womens race with MK taking the win. Good seeing all the Hayes, Team WI and Tosa crew racing, hanging out and cheering everyone on.

Ronsta Ride

Decent crew of 15 or so, Mountaingoat, Russell, Tbone, Lirette, Lori, Kevin, Jay, Jerry, Eric, Amanda, Katie, Ron A., Mr. Corbin & Tim. Route: Hartland> Wales> Genesee> North Prairie> Waterville> Nashotah> Stone Bank> Erin> Holy Hill> Hubertus> Plat> Monches> Senor Tomas. After T and i closed Delafield days last night, i was due for a good 3 hour nap this afternoon.

Friday, July 07, 2006


SS State Champs

Delafield Days

Ronsta Ride!

Monday, July 03, 2006


After a week off the bike i didn't know what to expect this weekend. Saturday i did the Transition ride in the morning to feel my legs out. Then got ready and drove up to the course in the afternoon. Did a lap before dark and then camped with Russell and Bubba & his family. Big thanks to those guys for feeding me like a true clydesdale with burgers, brats, chips and coleslaw. After watching the local fireworks in the distance we turned in. Sunday came and it was a hot one. As usual i fell back to 30th something on the fast open start. Ride and work through riders. 2nd lap through and Nichole counts me in 27th. Ride, ride, ride, catch riders and move on. 3rd lap thru i'm up to 17th. Catch Marko, McFadden, Shively and Hollywood. Marko stacks it turning on to a road section. The 34:16 paid off in the flats but got heavier as the race went on. Last lap my calves start to twitch, sucked down the rest of my bottles and had to let McFadden get away for self preservation. A couple miles to go and i see Nathan G start to fade, reeled him in and attacked on the last gravel climb then sprinted home to the finish. Came in 12th and $25 richer. Also scored my first win in age group!

After the race i drove down to the Dells. My parents were RVing there so i camped out with them, ate well, showered and chilled out. Got up early this morning and headed down to Bluemounds. It was slick early on but dried out pretty good by mid morning. Should be a challenging race next week. Now i just gotta piece a beater together for Russell's Crappy Bike Ride tomorrow.