Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Phillips- tough race, fun weekend. Shelled on the start, 32:18 had me pinned most of the race, shoulda went bigger. Spent the first 4 laps on the rev limiter, sucking wheel with Wellskopf, Bender and Klug, picking off riders. Last lap the Hammer Gel and gear finally came around and i was able to break off and solo in to the finish. Not great but not dismal.

Saturday- Chicken/Bacon/Ranch wraps, 4hr drive "This car does have a fuel light!", sunset preride, kick ass Northwoods minigolf w/Tbone, Lirette, Kevin, Lori, Bender, CK, and the Nigh's(thanks for the great camping and hand ups!), High Life & spaghetti, Guatamalans trying to sell my bike for $38, good times.

On the 24/9 front, Jerry Daanen and i will be kickin' it duo style for Hayes this year. I anticipate it to be the hardest race i've yet to do, so it should be fun. My new light came in yesterday. Its all my budget would allow but its good. Other than throwing down with the Clif Bar Comp leader and a bunch of tired Superweakers tonight, it should be a pretty chill week leading up to the weekend.


Mike said...

24hr duo...yooz crazy!

Jim G said...

12 is crazy enough.

I will have some cans of Blatz for handoffs.