Monday, July 03, 2006


After a week off the bike i didn't know what to expect this weekend. Saturday i did the Transition ride in the morning to feel my legs out. Then got ready and drove up to the course in the afternoon. Did a lap before dark and then camped with Russell and Bubba & his family. Big thanks to those guys for feeding me like a true clydesdale with burgers, brats, chips and coleslaw. After watching the local fireworks in the distance we turned in. Sunday came and it was a hot one. As usual i fell back to 30th something on the fast open start. Ride and work through riders. 2nd lap through and Nichole counts me in 27th. Ride, ride, ride, catch riders and move on. 3rd lap thru i'm up to 17th. Catch Marko, McFadden, Shively and Hollywood. Marko stacks it turning on to a road section. The 34:16 paid off in the flats but got heavier as the race went on. Last lap my calves start to twitch, sucked down the rest of my bottles and had to let McFadden get away for self preservation. A couple miles to go and i see Nathan G start to fade, reeled him in and attacked on the last gravel climb then sprinted home to the finish. Came in 12th and $25 richer. Also scored my first win in age group!

After the race i drove down to the Dells. My parents were RVing there so i camped out with them, ate well, showered and chilled out. Got up early this morning and headed down to Bluemounds. It was slick early on but dried out pretty good by mid morning. Should be a challenging race next week. Now i just gotta piece a beater together for Russell's Crappy Bike Ride tomorrow.

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