Monday, August 28, 2006

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Saturday: Started out with the time trial. 3/4 of the XC course, humid, foggy and greasy. Prerode a lap right before it started so i had an idea what i was in for. Rode ultra conservative to a dissapointing 8th place, about a minute out of 1st. Everyone i talked to stacked it atleast once and still went faster than me, so i guess that was the way to go. Still it was early and i wasn't to concerned.
Short track afternoon. 17min. +2 laps. Grassy course that went up and down a hill, over a rock and around a tree. Took it easy on the start and found myself in 2nd on the second lap. GC leader Sam Oftedal was off the front early. Rode with some guys for a few laps before breaking clean. Chased Sam for a couple laps but couldn't gain anything. A few minutes to go and Jan Rybar catches me. We go back and forth, last lap i attack hard on the climb and open a gap, he catches back up heading into the last corner and it's a sprint to the finish where i hang on for 2nd!

XC. Picked a second row starting spot since i was going to take the first lap easy and feel things out. Got stuck behind Cole on the first single track climb which let some riders get away and more bottle up behind. I continued to ride crappily in the singletrack decents and lose ground/positions, then make some back up on the climbs. Going into the second lap i caught stage race leader Sam O and rode with him along with Wellskopf, Pacholski and Shively. Halfway through the lap i crashed on some rocks and potato chipped my front wheel, allowing those guys to get away. Took it easy through the third lap to not worsen it. Caught Josh back and Jackhammer who had no rear brake. Final lap i felt good and gave'r hell. The wheel held up and i rolled in 18th. Guess i won't go to hard on my wheel builder tommorow:). Wasn't great but i'll take it. Goal for the weekend was top 20 and podium in the stage race, which i took 2nd overall in and netted some good coin for the weekend!

Props to Jay and The Boy on winning some Cups. Props to Russell getting beat up by kids, trees and stung by bees and still winning his race. Good job to Tbone and the Goat on some
solid 5ths this weekend. Thanks to Don for putting on a fun event. Thanks to Barb for the hand ups. Thanks to EVERYONE who hung out throughout the weekend and yelled(or screamed) words of encouragement at me. It helps a ton and i really do appreciate it.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Hit the Doc ride yesterday to see what all the hype is about. Late summer still brings in 60+ some riders and sitting in that group can be a pain. I's more comfortable at the front working tempo and hitting the sprints. The Baron was even there doing covert training and not looking to bad either. Rolled home with the Pewaukee crew and 70mi in by 10:30a. Then cleaned up, changed and headed to the opening of the BMX track at Crystal Ridge. Kenny, Randy, Jay and The Boy were all there. Rode the track for a couple hours and did some mock races for all the newbies and spectators. It felt good throwing the little bike around again. I was impressed with the turnout and think this will be a great deal to have near the city. Big thanks to John Mittelstadt and the whole Milwaukee BMX crew for getting this thing going.

This morning was early to rise once again as i met Nathan G at the Kettles at 7:30a. We decided to do a full system as a straight up race. Almost the whole ride we spent going back and forth attacking each other nonstop but never totally getting out of sight of one another. Nathans definitely got the trails dialed and i haven't gotten out there as much as i would like. Once we hit the Carlin trail he was able to gap me a bit in the last series of climbs and beat me back to the tralihead by a few seconds. It was definitely good riding with him as i've never pushed that hard on those trails. With that done its left me with the rest of the day to eat, nap, ride around town and sit in the park.

Gotta soak it in as next weekend begins a stretch of racing that'll go right into mid October, then there's cross, then BMX, then Christmas...

Monday, August 14, 2006


Watch for these beauties on MTV. If anyone still watches MTV?

Sunday, August 06, 2006


Consistently inconsistent? I could give you a number of excuses but i won't. I just flat out wasn't feeling it and rode horribly this weekend. Thanks to my parents for the dinner, support and pimped out camping. Thanks to Tbone (2nd in comp AG!) for the ride up. Thanks to Doug Pietz for pushin' me all race. Thanks to everyone on course who was pullin for me. In a race i felt like pulling out of, it definitely gave me the incentive to grind out each lap.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Alright, by now you've read everyone else's take on the race so i'll spare the details. The morning was damp, the afternoon was hot and the evening was humid. Jerry rode steady and solid all day and night. I kicked the first few laps with another SS'r, then settled down once we had a gap. Course was super smooth by mid day. 4 night laps are twice as much fun as 2! Gained a lap on the field around 2am. Final night lap out started with lightning in the distance and finished just as the rain started hitting the transition tent, sending Jerry out into the abyss. Got back to camp and all hell broke loose. Word came around the race was stopped, then restarted. Jerry eventually came in and it was my turn to get wet. Ground through the lap, caught G on the wood chip section and we rode together to Red Bud rd. where we were stopped and told the race was officially called. Bummer. We won but i think everyone wanted to see the race go to the finish.

Huge thanks to Jerry's wife Barb for all the support- cooking, hydration, time management, encouragement and communication between Jerry and myself. And also Kevin Plato for mechanical support- kept my ride smooth and tight and even changed my gear for the foul weather lap that didn't count anyway. These guys were awesome and a huge contribution to our success. Thanks also to everyone who cheered us on on course or in the tent, i may have seemed out of it late in the race but it meant alot.

Shout outs: Jerry, thanks for a great race. Jesse, Marko, Brian, AJ, defending home turf. Jeremey, Mike, John and Bos, great job too. Lori, SS Amy, MK, and Patti, 2nd in the ladies class. G and Fang taking 4th in the duo. Scoletrain fought back to a top ten after a rough start in the solo championships. Don and Lirettes team rocked the old guys class.

Stuff: 34:17, MM Cycles, Hayes Brakes, Sun Rims, Reba fork, Niterider lights- flawless.