Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Alright, by now you've read everyone else's take on the race so i'll spare the details. The morning was damp, the afternoon was hot and the evening was humid. Jerry rode steady and solid all day and night. I kicked the first few laps with another SS'r, then settled down once we had a gap. Course was super smooth by mid day. 4 night laps are twice as much fun as 2! Gained a lap on the field around 2am. Final night lap out started with lightning in the distance and finished just as the rain started hitting the transition tent, sending Jerry out into the abyss. Got back to camp and all hell broke loose. Word came around the race was stopped, then restarted. Jerry eventually came in and it was my turn to get wet. Ground through the lap, caught G on the wood chip section and we rode together to Red Bud rd. where we were stopped and told the race was officially called. Bummer. We won but i think everyone wanted to see the race go to the finish.

Huge thanks to Jerry's wife Barb for all the support- cooking, hydration, time management, encouragement and communication between Jerry and myself. And also Kevin Plato for mechanical support- kept my ride smooth and tight and even changed my gear for the foul weather lap that didn't count anyway. These guys were awesome and a huge contribution to our success. Thanks also to everyone who cheered us on on course or in the tent, i may have seemed out of it late in the race but it meant alot.

Shout outs: Jerry, thanks for a great race. Jesse, Marko, Brian, AJ, defending home turf. Jeremey, Mike, John and Bos, great job too. Lori, SS Amy, MK, and Patti, 2nd in the ladies class. G and Fang taking 4th in the duo. Scoletrain fought back to a top ten after a rough start in the solo championships. Don and Lirettes team rocked the old guys class.

Stuff: 34:17, MM Cycles, Hayes Brakes, Sun Rims, Reba fork, Niterider lights- flawless.


Jim G said...

Great ride. Very strong. You definitely had a 1000 yard stare going by night. You were enthusiastic about the race and making perfect sense but it was kind of like talking to a blind guy.

Got to give it up for the super fit, age defying Jerry D hammering all the strong laps.

mountaingoat said...

Solo next year?

Mike said...

Nice work man, musta been the flan!

Matt Racine said...

I was the Single that was with you for the first few laps. You'd always start behind me, catch up to me and then pass me. You were flying and I'm glad to see that you two took it. You had some very impressive times! Congrats!

RonSta said...

It was great riding with you Matt. You guys rocked the 12hr race, though you missed out riding in all the fun weather sunday morning. Good job!