Sunday, August 20, 2006


Hit the Doc ride yesterday to see what all the hype is about. Late summer still brings in 60+ some riders and sitting in that group can be a pain. I's more comfortable at the front working tempo and hitting the sprints. The Baron was even there doing covert training and not looking to bad either. Rolled home with the Pewaukee crew and 70mi in by 10:30a. Then cleaned up, changed and headed to the opening of the BMX track at Crystal Ridge. Kenny, Randy, Jay and The Boy were all there. Rode the track for a couple hours and did some mock races for all the newbies and spectators. It felt good throwing the little bike around again. I was impressed with the turnout and think this will be a great deal to have near the city. Big thanks to John Mittelstadt and the whole Milwaukee BMX crew for getting this thing going.

This morning was early to rise once again as i met Nathan G at the Kettles at 7:30a. We decided to do a full system as a straight up race. Almost the whole ride we spent going back and forth attacking each other nonstop but never totally getting out of sight of one another. Nathans definitely got the trails dialed and i haven't gotten out there as much as i would like. Once we hit the Carlin trail he was able to gap me a bit in the last series of climbs and beat me back to the tralihead by a few seconds. It was definitely good riding with him as i've never pushed that hard on those trails. With that done its left me with the rest of the day to eat, nap, ride around town and sit in the park.

Gotta soak it in as next weekend begins a stretch of racing that'll go right into mid October, then there's cross, then BMX, then Christmas...

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