Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Decent start, felt good and stayed out of trouble. Yo-yo'd back and forth through some groups before finding my groove with some familiar faces. Spent most of the race with Marko, Lirette, Jackhammer and Bender. Firetower hill, Jack and Marko get away, Lirette and Bender chase and i hang on. We get reeled back in when we hit ski trail, i move to the front to set tempo. A couple miles in i look back and no ones there. Next, catch a rider who hammers Telemark rd. while i guiltily take a free ride and move up to catch Neil Swanson. Shortly after, i see the 2 mile marker. My legs are cooked and i know the chase group is after me. Up ahead i see Jack starting to fade so i just focus on him. I catch and pass him on the last steep climb but he catches me off guard and counters before we drop into the bowl. I tuck in and get a good run out off the last turn to chase him down but didn't have quite enough to get around him at the finish. 33rd and 3rd single. Lirette came in right behind for the Hayes triple shot. Have to thank my good friends Mike and Pat for letting me stay with them and cheering me on throughout the race.


Jim G said...

It is good to know I wasn't the only dork wearing a Camelbac out there.

mountaingoat said...

Nice job out there sucking wheel.

Tiny said...

Great ride Ron for your 1st 40, thought i had you and Jack at the end. But my legs were just as cooked. I'll take 4 and 5 seconds back from you guys' this time. :)