Monday, September 25, 2006


Tbone and i trucked up to the middle of the state on a clear and cool sunday morning. Things warmed up by race time and conditions were perfect. Don says GOOOO!, and we're off to a fast start. I felt surprisingly well and held my own in the top 15 after the start. A small group consisting of Neil, Nathan, Tim and myself formed as we all traded pulls around 10th place for a couple laps. My mistake of the day was taking a gel as we headed up the road over the bridge and losing contact with the group. I was hoping to catch back on as we hit some short climbs but it never happened. I spent most of the 3rd lap in nomans land just diggin' the flow of the course. Going into the 4th and final lap Ryan and CK caught me so i free rode off them. Ryan was looking strong and taking some huge pulls. We caught Timmy with a couple miles to go, i tried making some moves in the last few climbs but couldn't shake the guys. I sat up and let Ryan pull through hoping to suck wheel to the finish but when Jeff initiated an early sprint up the gravel road i knew my race was done. With no one behind me, i just chilled out and rolled in, 13th. Solid for me lately, and on a course i usually don't fair well on. Props to Nathan G who's been riding pretty well lately on his first top 10 of the year.


Mike said...

Yeah that course was a blast, how were those bigg tall wheels in the corners??

RonSta said...

It was a perfect 29'r course, could've used a little more gear tho.

Coffee King (CK) said...

It was good seeing you during a race again (you've been pretty far ahead while I've been sucking it up). You were smoking through the single track. The 29'er seems like a good pick when things flow.