Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sunday, October 22, 2006


The guys at Big Ring Racing know how to throw a party, and with word of new singletrack added to the course i made it a point to hit this event again this year. Last year Creepy, Goat and i perfected the singlespeed trifecta at the inaugural Beechwood Blaster. This year it was all on me to keep the SS winning tradition alive. Shotgun start, moved into the lead shortly after the prologue through the field and never looked back. Conditions were the same as last years race, but a persistent light rain made the 3rd & 4th laps more fun/challenging. The mile or so of new singletrack sections they added ROCK. Finished up in a little over 2hrs with Sam Wellskopf a couple minutes behind in 2nd and Lirette rounding out 3rd. Thanks to Kevin for the gloves. Thanks to Mike and the Big Ring crew for throwing a hellafun event. I drank plenty and ate too much and it don't get no betta than that!

Cross today. Do we have to go there? My re-debut to the 2s. Legs were flat as soon as we hit the mud and i was off the back after the first lap. Spent a couple more laps pondering my existence. Eventually saturdays effort started to clear out of my legs as i picked off some blown riders. Felt better as the race went on but ran out of laps. Had a good last lap race with this guy. Finished around 10th. Looks like i won't have to worry about cross until after Iceman now, but i'll be back.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Monday, October 09, 2006


The big WORS blowout finale. Took it easy on the start and quickly found myself in mid-pack stop-and-go traffic in the first singletrack. Chilled in a freightrain of riders for the first lap and learned some of the nuances of this years course. 2nd lap rolled with Pacholski and Fowler. Going into lap 3- rookie mistake. Spaced out for a second turning off the road into the new singletrack, ran into Dallas' rear wheel and earned myself some roadrash. Got back rolling again and much to my surprise no one was behind. Bender reeled me in as i was getting my flow back. Last lap, i tried to shake Tom as we ripped through blown riders. Blocking out the cramps, the legs could only do so much. He put the hammer down after the equalizer. I chased but couldn't match. Good race dude! 15th. Despite the chaos its actually my best finish there, thanks to the Mr. Bigg! Tbone took 5th in age and 20th-something overall. Nathan did a good job almost finishing in the money again. Lirette and Russell maintained their year long dominance in their categories. Big thanks to the Hayes team and all the screaming fans stayed around.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Took the San Josie down the Bugline tonight. It was full on dark as i made my way back through Sussex. Guess it's that time of year again. Blazin' rail trail behind the HID. I do look forward to hitting some of the Tosa crews night rides this Fall. Don't forget about the night race champs next Friday the 13th at CR. I know the Tool Sheds been putting together some mighty fine shwag for it. I've also fattened up my sidebar so when your bored with my sh!t scroll around over there. >>>

Sunday, October 01, 2006


4 hours sleep, poptarts, starbucks, an hour later on i'm on the west side of Madison. My license says i'm a 4, they let me uprade to 3's, if i do well or feel up to it i can move up to 2's afterwards. Racetime: Peg the holeshot with Masterson on my wheel and we quickly open a gap. 2 laps in Casey fades and i solo off. Learning the flow of the course on a cross bike becomes my cruise control. Thanks to Russell for spot on handups. Satisfied with tired legs, 40 bucks and a beer mug, i'll upgrade the next race. Out.


10 years ago this was the first mountainbike race i ever did. I think i finished like 20th in the 10 miler. The event was huge back then. Fast forward today. While not as big as it use to be, you never know who'll show to make for an interesting race, er, i mean, "timed event". Swanson leads out the start with Nathan, Jesse and myself in tow. A mile in i back down to my own pace allowing local homeboy Matt Racine to rip past and bridge up to the leaders. A couple miles in Nathans blown and fades back. Half way through the first lap Tristan decides to make his appearance as he works through Kevin Klug and myself. I stayed on it keeping Tristan in sight. 2nd lap he backs off and decides to tag my wheel instead of chasing the lead down. I tried to stay on it as i knew Nathan was only about 30sec back. I know Tristan could've drilled it at anytime but never challenged. It was nice to have someone to ride with and push me a little through the race though. So thats how we finished out- Doug, Jesse, Matt, Me, Tristan, Nathan and Kevin K. Hows that for a blogroll? Tbone rolled a 6th in the 20 and then bought me a buritto, so it was a good day.