Sunday, October 01, 2006


10 years ago this was the first mountainbike race i ever did. I think i finished like 20th in the 10 miler. The event was huge back then. Fast forward today. While not as big as it use to be, you never know who'll show to make for an interesting race, er, i mean, "timed event". Swanson leads out the start with Nathan, Jesse and myself in tow. A mile in i back down to my own pace allowing local homeboy Matt Racine to rip past and bridge up to the leaders. A couple miles in Nathans blown and fades back. Half way through the first lap Tristan decides to make his appearance as he works through Kevin Klug and myself. I stayed on it keeping Tristan in sight. 2nd lap he backs off and decides to tag my wheel instead of chasing the lead down. I tried to stay on it as i knew Nathan was only about 30sec back. I know Tristan could've drilled it at anytime but never challenged. It was nice to have someone to ride with and push me a little through the race though. So thats how we finished out- Doug, Jesse, Matt, Me, Tristan, Nathan and Kevin K. Hows that for a blogroll? Tbone rolled a 6th in the 20 and then bought me a buritto, so it was a good day.

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