Monday, October 09, 2006


The big WORS blowout finale. Took it easy on the start and quickly found myself in mid-pack stop-and-go traffic in the first singletrack. Chilled in a freightrain of riders for the first lap and learned some of the nuances of this years course. 2nd lap rolled with Pacholski and Fowler. Going into lap 3- rookie mistake. Spaced out for a second turning off the road into the new singletrack, ran into Dallas' rear wheel and earned myself some roadrash. Got back rolling again and much to my surprise no one was behind. Bender reeled me in as i was getting my flow back. Last lap, i tried to shake Tom as we ripped through blown riders. Blocking out the cramps, the legs could only do so much. He put the hammer down after the equalizer. I chased but couldn't match. Good race dude! 15th. Despite the chaos its actually my best finish there, thanks to the Mr. Bigg! Tbone took 5th in age and 20th-something overall. Nathan did a good job almost finishing in the money again. Lirette and Russell maintained their year long dominance in their categories. Big thanks to the Hayes team and all the screaming fans stayed around.

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