Wednesday, November 29, 2006


You want epic? Send this guy some love.

Saturday, November 25, 2006


Its been a kickass Thanksgiving weekend so far. Bitchin weather, good eatin and kickin rides with cool people on killer trails. Wednesday night, the Nighs showed us around their local trails in West Bend, pretty good stuff! CK's crankarm fell off, Lirette showed up late, Brittany disappeared early to find them, Lori showed off her mad skeells on a sketchy-steep leaf covered downhill while Bill gave us the rest of the tour. Gotta thank Bill and Brittany for the great post ride dinner and hospitality. Thursday morning went for a nice roadie with G, Katie and Chad-dizzle. Chadley overdressed and blew chunks but none of us lost our appetites over it. Afterwards, good eatins with family. That night, Turkey Hurl. See here for the rundown. Russell, Bubba, Sugs, Tavela, Marty, and a slew of other locals hittin up the trails between 'stAllis and Tosa. Thanks Marty for hosting and the beer. Friday ran errands, moved stuff and got a short ride in at LP. Today! Made it out to the MKE river trails for the first time. Bender gave us the full speed tour which was a blast. Him, MG, CK, Stringbean, Sugs, Squirt, Girl, and SS Amy all attended. Ran into D36 and Cale in the bowl section. Small world. Think im gonna mellow out and kick it solo tomorrow. Short sleeves at the end of November?! Im thankful.


Monday, November 20, 2006

Sunday, November 19, 2006


Wisconsin State Cyclocross Championships in Sun Prairie. After a week of work, eating out and not riding in the beautiful state of Montana, i didn't know what to expect. Big field, got sucked along midpack on the start to feel things out for the first lap. Turned it up on the second lap and worked through a few riders early on. Spent most of the race solo'd out and chasing Chris Strout. Wicked fast course with something for everyone. Pulling wheelies through the already deafening beer shed amped the crowd up even more. Caught a couple riders on the last lap. Got within a few seconds of Strout but could never close the deal. Rolled a 13th in a stacked field- can't complain. Cross is to much fun to take seriously. Thanks to all the Superfans who kept me smilin' through the pain.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Monday, November 13, 2006

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Cold, sun, snow and mud. Great cross weather. Perfect singlespeed cross weather. Decent start in the middle somewhere. Cranked my seat back on a harsh second lap remount and just dealt with it. Good race with Mike P and Mountaingoat for a few laps before Mikey faded(?). 42:20. Tight course with some good climbs. Choosing lines and keeping upright took precedence over shear power. Picked off or lapped one or two guys in the last 2 laps and held Jeremey off by a few seconds to finish 7th. Probably the funnest cross race out of the few ive done so far. Thanks to Neil and the Micheals Cycles crew for putting it on and all the screaming fans who hung around for our race. Afterwards i dunked my bike in the pond, hit up BK and headed over to the BMX track to watch Jay and The Boy rack up a string of 2nd places in their races. Nice. Time to go clean stuff.

Friday, November 10, 2006


Been to busy/lazy/out riding/out of town/no internet to post. Montana last week and again next week. 3rd at Iceman. Thanks to Jay for driving the long hours. Quality riding while i'm home. Yeah things might get busier around here. Wanna get nuts? 2 cross races left- i'm in.