Saturday, November 11, 2006


Cold, sun, snow and mud. Great cross weather. Perfect singlespeed cross weather. Decent start in the middle somewhere. Cranked my seat back on a harsh second lap remount and just dealt with it. Good race with Mike P and Mountaingoat for a few laps before Mikey faded(?). 42:20. Tight course with some good climbs. Choosing lines and keeping upright took precedence over shear power. Picked off or lapped one or two guys in the last 2 laps and held Jeremey off by a few seconds to finish 7th. Probably the funnest cross race out of the few ive done so far. Thanks to Neil and the Micheals Cycles crew for putting it on and all the screaming fans who hung around for our race. Afterwards i dunked my bike in the pond, hit up BK and headed over to the BMX track to watch Jay and The Boy rack up a string of 2nd places in their races. Nice. Time to go clean stuff.

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Sarah Lukas said...

awesome race, ron. Id say the singlespeed worked out pretty well with the mud.see ya in sun prairie