Sunday, November 19, 2006


Wisconsin State Cyclocross Championships in Sun Prairie. After a week of work, eating out and not riding in the beautiful state of Montana, i didn't know what to expect. Big field, got sucked along midpack on the start to feel things out for the first lap. Turned it up on the second lap and worked through a few riders early on. Spent most of the race solo'd out and chasing Chris Strout. Wicked fast course with something for everyone. Pulling wheelies through the already deafening beer shed amped the crowd up even more. Caught a couple riders on the last lap. Got within a few seconds of Strout but could never close the deal. Rolled a 13th in a stacked field- can't complain. Cross is to much fun to take seriously. Thanks to all the Superfans who kept me smilin' through the pain.

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djonnymac said...

nice wheelies y'all!!!