Friday, December 22, 2006


I started my Christmas shopping early this year- today. This awards me an extra day and a half to pick up any slack i might've forgotten about. No one i know really needs anything and neither do i. But i know i'll get bombarded with a bunch of crap i don't need so its just customary to counter the act. I started my quest high-rollin at GWI's. Yes, shopping here falls well below regifting on the status of gift-giving etiquette. Yet its a good place to find weird stuff like wacky old vinyl and quirky books for unique people. Next i stepped it up to the Dollar Store. All the good Christmas crap was already picked over but the customers and staff didn't look too bad so i took my time and browsed the store for awhile. Somehow managed to drop almost 10 bucks there. After that i hit Walmart. This is where i usually top out. Purchased some more mainstream gifts for normal people i know. I'm not a Walmart hater but i'll admit the clientele is typically, well, less desirable. Tonight was a different story though, so i made a few extra rounds just to be thorough. After pleasantly stocking up on random crap i figured i'd try my luck at the Target across the street. Generally too rich for my blood, this is where all the beautiful people go. I didn't need anything but they did have a Starbucks inside and i got $10 gift card from Hayes corporate so i figured what the hell. I got myself a mocha frappacino and wandered around the store enjoying the scenery. Yup, Target didn't disappoint. But as i figured i didn't find anything i needed or anyone else would want. So when i finished my drink i left. Now i got a bunch of crap to rap. But a nice day and a half to do it. Merry Christmas!


ksjc said...

I used to feel the same about wally world until I stated comparing the prices to pick n save, I do still hate when I have to walk 500 yards across the store to get light bulbs

Jay said...

Have a great Christmas with the family Ron.

The Labecki family

sugs said...

My family only regifts or give stuff away that we no longer year one of my nephew's got a great set of brassknuckles. I wish he'd regift me those one of these years.