Monday, January 29, 2007


Full weekend of racing and good times with the crew. Results have been hard to come by lately but i did get lucky and pull a 4th on Sunday. Still not where i'd like to be, but i've really just started to get back into it since cross season ended.

In other news, this March i'll officially become a real estate investor and home owner. So if anyone knows anyone interested in renting a 2BR upper in beautiful downtown Waukesha or wants to get on board with the Lake Country Elite Singlespeed Training program, my emails to the right>>


G said...

I finally got a 29er SS!
I changed the wheels to the new Race X Lite 29er and upgraded a few more parts so it should be pretty saaa-wweeeet this spring.

bubba said...

Congratulations on the news of this post and my sympathies on the news of the previous post.

I hope you took into consideration that a large yard and high maintainance exterior can really cut into your riding time.