Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Old school meets new and everything in between. Stay in long enough and everyone comes back around again. Lately 28X has been looking like a local Vet Pro class. Fast, clean and respectable. Some thursday practices have had MTBr's outnumbering core BMXr's, fuel to the fire. BMX has been the only thing keeping me going with the arctic winds and exhausting work schedule as of late, but tis the season. Base miles? Fuggettaboutit. That's what March-April will be for, once i'm settled into my new locale. Finished my latest project tonight. Still steel, still one gear, stay tuned. Weekend rewind<< hours on the hamtser wheel and props DVDs, party at Carlos' & Sonia's- great food great people, racing for guaranteed tokens, Russell rockin his first 20" race, crashing the cross banquet with Labecki's and Schneiders, pondering 07 bikes with T, umm, i think thats it.

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