Sunday, March 11, 2007


Yesterday, I finally returned home. It was a long but phenomenal trip. I want to thank Hayes Bicycle Group, Asahi Spoke and Ron McAdams for granting me the opportunity to visit the great country of Japan. I've learned many things and made some great friends along the way. It was a very valuable experience that I will always treasure.


Russell said...

Ronsta - BIG in Japan.

norikaji said...

Konnnichiwa wicki-san.
I have the pleasure of writing to you for the first time from Japan.
I am happy that you safely returned to the house by long travel.
I hope that everything goes well.

Exactly, wicki-san is tall in Japan.

Ronsta said...

Thanks Kaji-san!
I had a wonderful time visiting your great country and working with all of you. Hope all continues well over there.

Take care,