Monday, March 05, 2007


During the week, the folks at Asahi do a pretty good job keeping me busy. So this weekend I took full advantage of taking in some sight seeing.

Sunday I was honored to have Yamamoto-san of Asahi take me to Nara to visit the Todai-Ji Temple.

Inside is housed a massive bronze statue of Buddha.

This Temple provides a beautiful view overlooking Nara City.

Afterwards, we had lunch at the very prominent Nara Hotel before visiting Isuien Garden.

It was a very relaxing and special experience.

On Saturday my lovely guide, Akiko, had arranged for us to tour Osaka Castle.

A guards tower over looking the moat that surrounds the castle grounds

The main gate

Me in front of the 8 story-high castle

The views from the top were spectacular

NHK TV Building


Russell said...

You're right - that statue does look like Bubba.

Carlos said...

Dude, are you going to bring "the lovely Akiko" back to the states?

SquidBuzz said...

So what are you teaching her?

Anonymous said...

Did everyone call you Clif?