Monday, March 12, 2007


You know how it is. First warm days of the year and your legs just want to go. I ditched the winter gear for 4 more teeth and found a new sensation of speed. My miles for this year have been nil. Unless you consider BMX laps and a couple MTB snow rides as mileage. And before yesterday it was 3 full weeks since I've even touched a bike. Today was short but it felt good. Gotta enjoy it, by the weekend my time will be saturated with painting, flooring and fixing God knows what else I'll find. I don't close until Wednesday but I've already got tenants interested. Racing wasn't in the cards this year but T may have talked me into hitting 8, maybe 9. "Training" will be spotty at best. According to this guy, all he did last year was drink beer and race CR. That might be my plan. Could less be more?


Carlos said...

That's right, the CR series was my best year racing and winning ever in my life, ha ha. Maybe for this year I will do different training, like, actual training.
Do you want to join me?

sugs said...

Ron...your new training program sounds very similar to mine...started with dry wall, spackling, paint, carpet, wood trim, cabinets, showing, open it will be new roof & gutters, garage addition, new siding, new doors, new life...what's a bike...when's death.