Monday, May 28, 2007


Sleep in, grab some ho-ho's and hit the trails. 9-12 we cut and opened the new reroute around the caution hill (you'll know it when you ride it). Plan was to ride afterwards. The weather had a different plan, rain moved in. F-it- head north. No rain in New Fane and I'm just in time for the 3 Hour. Carlos is the only other expert in attendance so I figure the race is set. Rode the first lap together before taking the lead and putting it on cruise control. Spent most of the race with Maciej and Dave who were killing the 6Hr duo. 1st place. Props to Megatron on her 3 hour domination and Chris rocking the 6 hour. Thanks to Brittany(photo) and the Pedal Moraine crew on an always Fun event!

5 hour tour of bike path bliss. NBRT> Oak Leaf> Bugline> Merton Sub Co.> Bark River> LCT. Evening, cooked out with the tenants. Burgers, pasta salad, beans, steak fajitas, salsa, guacamole, Spotted Cow, Mmmmm!


3 Amigos II. Kettles with Nathan G and Carlos on his hodge-podge 29'r. Congrats to Nathan and Lindsey on their new little girl! No rain today, just good times. Afterwards, took a looong Memorial Day nap!

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MTB Girl said...

Hey, thanks for changing up your plans to head on up to New Fane and race with us. Great job!