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And only 15miles until the rain did us in.

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Our hearts go out to Nathan and his family.

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And I don't just mean Wisconsin. What started as breakfast loaded with some cheap talk among friends, shortly had Kelli and I scampering around and tumbling down the hills of Lapham Peak, then leading to Matt at W&S hooking me up good with a set of classics. Thanks guys. With this weeks weather forecast, how am I supposed get any house work done? I was perfectly content being all bitter about the long winter ahead and not being able to ride all the time. Thanks. Seriously.

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About damn time, the season is over for me! 4th in the 30+ and some cash. Props to Joe C. rolling a tire in the first lap and then coming back for a dominant (1st?) win and State Championship! It was a fun Autumn racing with all you guys- Jeremey, Jerry, Mike, Joe, Hans, Shawn, Patrick, Maciej- can't wait till May! Now snow is on the ground and Thanksgivings around the corner, time to get fat! Have a good one!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Even with temps in the teens, about 15 people(and a few more for dinner) braved the cold winds to ride their bicycles around downtown Waukesha. Even with an abbreviated route, most of the key aspects were accomplished- bell ringing past Carroll College, mass down Sunset, West Avenue drags and a few good spills by Kid Rock, Carlos and Maciej. Afterwards, it was dinner at El Ranchito and PBR's at Sprizzo before rockin' out to Reilly at House Of Guinness. Props to Shanan, JT and Micheal who rode in from work with me and then rode back to Milwaukee that night! At one point on Sunset, a lady asked us what we were riding bikes for? Someone replied "For fun!"- and thats what this is all about! Thanks to everyone who came out and had a good time. We'll do it again sometime.. photos

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Its going down again, and we're inviting all you outta towners in on the fun!

Ranchito Ride this Friday the 21st !!
6pm- My place:
(Email me for location-

What is this? Its a Waukesha thing. A leisurely tour around the Fox River parkway & riverwalk followed up with dinner at El Ranchito. Afterwards, maybe a stop at Sprizzos before getting our Guinness on to the sounds of Reilly (some of you may remember how last month went down!). Ride whatever kinda bike you like(preferably one you don't care too much about), but bring some blinky lights as the parkway gets pretty dark. I'll provide floor space to ease your hangover if need be. Pass this along to anyone you think might be interested. Questions? Hit me.>>

Hopefully the weather cooperates!

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Employee parking

Iguana & RTS, post industry activities



Zac & Dave

We out.


Polska CX: 3rd!

Estabrook: 5th


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Hope was to hit the Doc ride this morning but at 7am it was still dark, wet and cold. Rolled over to Dady Ohs for french toast and ham. Maybe a 1/2 Ronsta route? Skies still didn't inspire confidence. Decided on a double round of the parkway loop(~30mi). The Bianchi still donned its weekday attire but was perfect for the wet, leave covered bike path. Recently I've cut my herd in half and have found the most versatility and fun out of some of my simplest rides. Motivation is coming back, now that its timing is insignificant. A beer bonus got me close to a 3peat last weekend, but Bender was a little too strong as his breakthrough-season momentum carried him into the (well deserved) Beechwood wool this year. Thanks to the Curtes bros who throw a helluva race/party that had me driving home at sunrise. Switch bikes and its off to Janesville. Since I raced/drank the day before and don't train/kind of suck at cross, I opted to race 30+. Its been awhile since I've raced the 'Goat and Jeremey showed me old guys don't have to slow down. I did meander my way around enough to earn a second 2nd place on the weekend. No costume or fixie for me tomorrow. Word is there's some Polish defectors coming into the 30+ so it'll be game on!

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Still keepin it real.


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Can't thank the people enough who contributed to this weekends effort; My parents for their support and hospitality the entire weekend, Tbone and John Lirette for being everywhere on course and in the pits and keeping everything I needed dialed, Hayes Bicycle Group for products that have worked flawlessly not only all race but all year, Ergon for keeping my hands cozy all race and the Expo team for all their support in the pits and inspiration to keep pressin' on (as long as I could). A swollen knee had me done early and out for the next few weeks. Anyone want a ticket to Napa Valley?

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Lack of races showed today. Flat legs right from the gun. If it wasn't for all the superfans that yell at us like rock stars, it would've been an easy one to pull the plug on. Sticking it out earned an 11th place/25$. Better than expected after floundering most of the day. Thanks to Don and the Alterra crew for setting up an asskicking course, Hayes Bicycle Group and everyone else who fed the motivation to keep pressin' on. Next week won't be any easier.

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How we do' in the 'sha

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Headed up to Levis Trow Saturday AM with Jerry, Russell & Bubba for the State SS Championships. Probably the most epic place the race has been to yet! At the start, Aris and I were first on to our bikes as I told him to stick to my wheel as I led things out. Shortly after we get rolling, Jesse comes around to turn up the pace, followed by Marko and then TJ, the wildcard, rolling a loaner 69er. I dangled as we entered the singletrack before letting the leaders ride away and finding my own pace. Going up a steep climb on the first of 3 mounds, I throw my chain and lose a position before getting it back on. Chasing 4th around the backside of the mound on a rooty decent, I see the guy go down hard with the sound of a shotgun blast. The fork legs are separated from the steerer with his forehead and face taking a brunt of the impact. The dudes messed up so I stopped for a minute to make sure he's alright(?). Meanwhile Devin & James roll up on us and the dude tells me to keep going. A little ways up is a volunteer station where tell them there's a rider down. I eventually ride away on my own again. Paranoid about losing the chain, I take all the climbs seated with a ginger cadence while soaking in the awesome views and great singletrack. Jesse was on a tear for the win while Marko kept it metal in 2nd, TJ got the hang of not shifting for 3rd, and I rode slow enough to hang onto 4th. Thanks to the Chainsmokers for hosting the event, Jerry for the ride and Russell and Bubba for the entertainment along the way.

Monday, June 09, 2008


If there's any upside to a city submerged, it's that it's brought more people out on bikes(or canoes) then ever before.

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Sitting on the can when the race is starting is not how I envisioned making my endurance debut. A misjudgement in time left me scattering to get dressed as I see a stream of riders heading up the hill out of the parking lot. Slice & dice traffic as I keep the rev limiter in check. Half way through the lap I catch Carlos and know the lead can't be too far up. Lack of warmup, the cool morning air and 5-hour nights of sleep before the race meant it was gonna take the legs awhile to come around. I caught Chris near the end of the first lap. I figured he was in the lead, which he confirmed. I was content to ride his pace for awhile but got a better run up a short steep climb in the beginning of the second lap and took the lead. I knew most of my time would be gained in the singletrack and the climbs, so I focused on staying smooth and maintaining a tempo on the hills. Chris was in sight for the first few laps, keeping me on it. After about 4 laps in I realized my seatpost was slipping(I swapped out the Ritchey Carbon for a Thomson the night before) and had to make an early pit.

I have to say, the crew that came together for me was amazing! This was Kelli's first mountainbike race she's ever been too and she was rockin' my hand ups like a pro! The Peters family(Expo Racing) and even the FDL guys next to us were great at flowing me any extras I demanded when her hands were full. They always kept a Hammer Gel and Clif bar in my back pockets and fresh bottles coming to me, so I was never on the bonk or thirsty.

Anyway, Theo got me a 4mm and I raised the seat back up. Took the wrench with in case I had to adjust on the trail. Giving up a little time to Chris. After a few more laps I was out of sight and could focus on my own groove. As things warmed up I felt better. Through the bulk of the day I didn't ask where Chris was. I just kept riding like he was 2 minutes behind. Throughout the day I made about 3 stops for Fritos & Mountain Dew, all under a minute each. Everything else was rolling(again, thanks to an awesome crew!)

Some time in the middle of the day I caught Chris's teammate Brad and I knew I was pretty deep into the field. He was riding pretty strong and we stayed together for about a lap. I was starting to ponder things: Am I slowing down? If I am will he relay this back to Chris? Where is Chris? What time is it? I'm out of Fritos.

I never once underestimated Chris's tenacity. I witnessed him take 8th at the nationals last year, keeping on it day and night. He was probably more organized than I was, has more experience and I knew he could ride consistent all day. For me, I was venturing into new territory and had no clue what to expect throughout the day. All I could do was use my skills to my advantage and listen carefully to my body. At 6:30pm I asked timing for a time split. 16 minutes. More than I expected and only 3 laps to go. For 2 I stayed on it, the last I savored and even stopped to pee for the first time in the race. Finishing the last lap as the sun was setting was absolutely amazing! I really wanted to win this race and can't thank the people enough who helped me do it. Kelli, the Peters, FDL guys, Hayes Bicycle Group, Ergon... To all the people who hung out all day and cheered me on, it meant alot!

Chris rolled in almost 10 minutes behind, proving he wasn't backing down until the end. I thank him and Brad for coming out and making the race hard and worth it. It's the only way we'll learn anything for the big one! Thanks to Brittany and the Pedal Moraine crew for spicing up the course this year and putting on an always fun event!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Three days of sweet Northwoods singletrack along with a little race in the middle, made for a nice vacation. Sparing you the details, there was dirt roads, down trees, Minnesotans, ski trails, hills, and plenty of the aforementioned sweet single track. I had a great race with SamO and ended up 5th. Props to Paul Hanson on the win.

Sunday, May 04, 2008


Really, what else is there to do on a Sunday afternoon? Hitched a ride to Iola with Carlos and Sonia. Racetime. With the Goooooo! from Don the 08 WORS season is officially on. I volunteered for the holeshot and gained some face time through the bowl. Mikey came by first then the rest of the train. Thought I kept the start in check but the legs were a little dull after the hills and I couldn't latch on. After the first lap I settled in with Landon and Ted Hanes in 8-10th. We traded blows for the next 3 laps. At times I was barely hanging on but any time I could I'd throw an attack in. Traffic blew things apart and I was able to get away, picking off Ben Moore in the last lap to take 7th, a few seconds behind Bender. Props to Mike on a commanding W. Thanks to Carlos and Sonia for the ride, Hayes Bicycle Group and Don for giving me something to do on my "off" weekends.

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