Sunday, January 27, 2008


New year, new goals!

Rock Cut Enduro

Cable Off Road Classic

12 Hours of GEARS

Subaru Cup


WEMS Metro &/or Bluemounds

24/9- Solo Natl's

Ore To Shore


Cheq 40

Fall Color Fest

El Reto Guatemala

Beechwood Blaster

Iceman Cometh

WCA Cyclocross Series

I'm excited to announce the continued support of Hayes Bicycle Group for 2008 with their Stroker Brakes, Sun Rims and Wheelsmith Spokes as well as welcoming on Ergon grips! Great products which contributed to my success last year and will greatly contribute to my efforts for another great year! Thanks guys!


Anonymous said...

Any WORS racing other then the CUP??

Sarah Lukas said...

It sounds like it is going to be a fun year! and 24/9 soloist! Rock on! You are going to be sleeping for days after that one.

Russell said...

Just try and stay out of my way.

ScoleTrain said...

The Ergon grips rock! Glad to see that you're racing 24-9 with all the rest of us solofreaks.

Josh said...

The classic is always cold and a little wet, i have seen snow in the wood twice for the race.