Saturday, February 16, 2008


It was a year ago this weekend I embarked on a life changing trip to the Land of the Rising Sun. After 365 to reflect, I can assure you, given the chance I'd be back there in a heartbeat. In all reality though, life here is a contingency I've been more than content with. '07 brought about more than I could've ever expected. Believe it or not, racing was a fairly low priority in my life, which may have added a surprising twist to my results. OK, winning 24/9 with Jerry was somewhere more in the middle, but every other race I pretty much went into thinking- "This is just for fun and whatever happens, happens". I've been fortunate to assemble a household of good friends & cyclists to keep the fires burning. But there is no training at the Waukesha Elite Training Compound, just like there's no real mountain biking in the LC, it's like an oxymoron or something. We just ride. Ride to work, ride to trails, do group rides or just ride around the river to get tacos. How ever we do, we do. Races are an excuse to see friends and ride hard. The beer always tastes the same afterwards, no matter how it goes. It's just bike racing, don't make it more complicated than it has to be. This isn't my job. It isn't my life. It's merely an escape. One I'm excited to continue to explore. This year I'm forgoing the points chase and assembled my own calendar. A mix of events I love doing, missed doing, have meant to do and may only have one opportunity to do. I look forward to this year more than ever. Time to shave the legs and welcome in '08!


Minigoat said...

Thank God your shaving again...I was embarrassed for you.

Racerveza said...

Nice post, bro. Competition is pretty empty and meaningless if you're not having fun. And there aren't many things more fun than riding a bike. Now if only this snow would melt...

Jim G said...

That is the way to do it on your terms.

Training sucks. I lift weights but I actually like it. But for the bike it is just rides.

I hit my lifetime of indoor trainer miles a couple years ago.

I think those structured training programs slow a lot of people down. They at least suck the joy out of cycling.

Pretty cool to be able to walk away from a top 5 overall on your single speed and on to other things.

Sounds like a fun summer. I am sure there will be plenty of time to be able to pull the some of those fast road rides groups around on your road single speed. Your legs look like they are spinning faster that a sewing machine in a Chinese sweatshop, albeit a lot smoother and with less smoke.

TimDD said...

Best of luck in '08 -- I look forward to catching you at Ice in November -- and thanks for the links back to my stuff on flickr. See you later in the year!


MTB Girl said...

That's a very interesting post and I happen to agree with you. Unfortunately there are people who sacrifice everything good in their lives because they feel "the bike" is more important. I think this off season has brought about new thinking in me as well. Somehow I seem to have had a priority shift. I hope it brings me more happiness. . . .as does yours. See you in NC? :-)