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It felt good to race on dirt again. Heck, it was great just riding dirt again. Saturday saw more new singletrack opened at the Kettles along with a few loops with good folks like Zac, the Pilgrim and the Tosa Mofo's. Sunday, we headed south of the border to Do The Rock. After a long registration line that led to a delayed start, we were eventually off. I quickly realized that A) 34:16 was not the best gear for the road leadout and B) my legs haven't seen their threshold too often yet this year. Took the first few miles cautiously working through traffic. Eventually the legs came to life and I focused on the the flow of the trail, settling in to a distant 5th. Near the end of the first lap I was diggin' the flow and before I knew it Bender and Landon had appeared before me. It was good to see friends again but I wanted to keep the Zen going. Tom struggled to hang as we rolled into lap 2 and I think I lost Landon through some of the mud patches. The gear was starting to make sense and I kept the tempo up through the third lap. With a few miles to go, someone said I had a solid 3min on fourth, so at that point it was just bring it home. Rolled in 3rd, sometime after the Lalondes. Good way to start the year. Big thanks to BKB Dave & Cyclesmith Colin for hanging out and doing handups and the RC Trailcrew for another great event.

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Waukesha-Whitewater: sub 2hrs. (headwind)
Whitewater-Farmington: 45min! (tailwind)
Farmington-Waukesha: 1:45 (mad crosswind)

Nearly 20mi of tailwind, zing!




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