Sunday, May 04, 2008


Really, what else is there to do on a Sunday afternoon? Hitched a ride to Iola with Carlos and Sonia. Racetime. With the Goooooo! from Don the 08 WORS season is officially on. I volunteered for the holeshot and gained some face time through the bowl. Mikey came by first then the rest of the train. Thought I kept the start in check but the legs were a little dull after the hills and I couldn't latch on. After the first lap I settled in with Landon and Ted Hanes in 8-10th. We traded blows for the next 3 laps. At times I was barely hanging on but any time I could I'd throw an attack in. Traffic blew things apart and I was able to get away, picking off Ben Moore in the last lap to take 7th, a few seconds behind Bender. Props to Mike on a commanding W. Thanks to Carlos and Sonia for the ride, Hayes Bicycle Group and Don for giving me something to do on my "off" weekends.